Third Eye

Third eye is a belief that some people have the ability or the foresight to see the supernatural, ghostly figures, or images in everyday’s life. This phenomenal is quite common in certain religions like Taoism, Hinduism etc. Jackie Lee since… Read more

Lift Incident

This lift or elevator incident occurred at the office in the afternoon before lunch break. Angela Lui works as a secretary and his boss was late for a appointment with the management. She was extremely busy retyping the latest reports… Read more

Kellie’s Castle

This is a bitter sweet hauntingly tale of a person’s quest that remains unfortunately partially unfulfilled. A Scottish planter by the name of William Kellie Smith arrived in Malaya to find riches and fame in 1890s. Despite his business ventures… Read more

Haunted Head

“I really saw a haunted head in my apartment!” said an aggrieved Jason Por when he recounted his experience with the supernatural. Jason Por lived in Ipoh the largest city and the capital of Perak in Malaysia. With a population… Read more

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