Haunted Farm

When my mother was a young child she lived on a farm in the Free State, South Afica. On that farm they experienced many supernatural phenomena which caused my mother, as a child, to stammer. The house was a long… Read more

Sister’s Home

This story happened in Cavite, a few months ago, in my sister’s new home. Strange things started when my sister and her family transferred to their new home. My niece started to get sick and would wake up screaming in… Read more

Phone Call

I have to admit that I don’t recount this story very often, and it’s basically because I’m afraid that the story is too odd to believe, people will think I’m crazy, but my story is 100% true. My older cousin… Read more

Barking Dogs

It was about 11:45 on October 30th 2004 when I decided to go to bed for the evening. Everything was normal, the wife, suffering from a cold, had gone to bed several hours before and was fast asleep. Our two… Read more