Ballerina Girl

This experience mine happened roughly about 2 years ago while I was visiting my girlfriend. We were getting comfortable on the couch watching some TV when I saw movement out of the corner of my eyes and I looked to the left. At first all I saw it was a shadow but then I slowly started to see the apparition of a little girl in ballerina garb twirl like she would at a recital. My mouth dropped open as I watched her dance.

She then stopped suddenly in a way like she was punched in the stomach and was thrown back quite a bit and I saw bright red starting to blossom from her stomach. She then keeled over and fell to her knees and then she disappeared in front of my eyes. My girlfriend asked me what was wrong and then I told her what I had just seen. She then gave me the history about her place.

Turns out, there was a family who had once lived in the house in the fifties and there was a little girl in the family that was a ballerina, or at least practising to be one. Her father was a typical fifties drunk. Would beat his wife and sometimes even beat the girl. One night the man came home drinker than usual and wanted to have “fun” with his little girl. A fight ensued with the father becoming so angry that he took his gun out and shot his own daughter in the stomach.

I was mortified when she finished telling me about the dark history of the house. I believe the girl was a part of a playback residual haunting, having to replay her death again and again. I never saw or felt the father but I think he haunts that house as well. I felt, and still feel, real bad about the ghost of little girl.

I asked my girlfriend to take measures to help the little girl pass on though I don’t know if she did. We don’t talk anymore and have moved on, but I still think of the little girl, in a pink dress spinning and spinning and then bam! Dead.