Curly Smoke

It was 1987 and we were living in Pinner, Middlese, England. A quite road with mock Tudor houses. Our experience occurred one evening in our lounge. It was dark, the curtains were drawn, tableside lamps were on and we were watching TV. My wife Monica was sitting in an armchair opposite me and between us our cat Claude was curled up asleep on a poufe. The TV was to my left and to my right the lounge continued into the dinning room with a doorway to the hall and kitchen.

I caught sight of something moving to my right and turned to look directly at it. It was a cloud of thick smoke-like stuff turning and flowing in on itself, rather like very thick cigar smoke. The smoke curled across the room moving very slowly hovering just above the floor at ankle height.

I shouted across to, “Monica, can you see that, look!” Monica watched it with me as it drifted towards Claude. He woke and sat up. Anyone who has had a cat knows what a cat hello is like. It’s a purr mixed with a meow at the same time. Claude made the cat hello sound as the curly smoke drifted right into him but did not go past him. It just entered him and stopped. He was not afraid and there was no change in him after the event.

Monica and myself were amazed at what we had just witnessed. We saw it but still do not understand it. We never saw anything like it again. So there it is, our true experience. Several years prior to the event, we lost our cat Moggsy to a road accident. He was a fantastic creature and always had fun and games in His life.

He even used to chase dogs for fun and enter a neighbour’s house, go upstairs, out the bathroom window and slide down the roof of his extension for fun. Great cat! We wondered if it was Moggsy coming to visit Claude? Still don’t understand what we saw but we did all 3 of us, see it.