Drive Back Home

I am sharing one of my recent experiences. Although, I still cannot figure out the reason of this, but it actually happened to me. It was already dark and I was returning from Pune. Tired of driving at a stretch, but fully awake. I was crossing Lonavala, there is a strange thing happens in a section, it’s about 500 meters stretch and you will face that the speed of the car starts dropping down.

Even though you press your accelerators, but nothing happens, the speed drops quickly, even though it’s not a climb, it’s a straight road. I haven’t got the clue of this. But never mind, this is not what I want to share. There is a high accident prone area in the Ghats and you will notice, an accident happens every second day in that road.

But surprisingly most of the accidents happen in a particular section of the road only. I noticed an accident on that stretch on Wednesday night while coming from PUNE and something weird happened with me on Thursday night in the same section. While I was driving slowly in the line of other cars, I was drained out in myself with full day’s of meeting and work. But it’s not that, I was hallucinating because of that.

I could clearly remember that, I was alone in my car and suddenly, I saw a man sitting in my back seat. I now also I can remember his face. He was a average looking guy, clean shaven, wearing white shirt, smiling at me. I saw him from my real window and smiled at him. I was surprised, thinking that when I didn’t stop my car anywhere, neither given anyone a lift, then how come someone can enter the car.

I felt that something was wrong, and when I saw again, there was no one. Still I am not getting the whole situation or incident which happened to me. But then it was not over, I was coming out of this, and then suddenly I saw the same man, running parallel to my car. I got a shock, that how come cars behind me are not blowing horns to him? He came here my front door window and again smiled at me, but this time, I was freezed.

It was so much shocking that I forgot that I was driving the car. But fortunately, I recollected what I was doing and got a hold of it. Although, I have a unique interest of reading and experimenting whole lot of paranormal stuffs, but to understand this and give a explanation of such incident is hard for me.