Ghost Friend

The story I am posting is true event of my life but nobody ever believed. I have had many paranormal experiences. I sometimes see things which my friends or other people can’t. I can feel any paranormal thing around me. But these are the things people don’t believe and are ignored. But they are real.

In my college I had a friend who was a year junior to me. We were good friends. She was very beautiful but I always hated her flirty behaviour with other guys and her boyfriends. I once even warned her that it can create huge problems for her. After that we all got busy for exams and then vacations started. One evening I was in the market place with a friend and I saw her coming towards us. We had a nice conversation and I even complimented her like I always did.

Then two days later I met a very good friend of mine who was her school friend and told him that I had met her two days back in the market. He was really shocked and said, “Have you gone mad? You should not say such things. It’s not funny!” and I was like, “What wrong did I say!” He then told me that the girl (our friend) had committed suicide 3 days back and is dead.

As he said this I was in the biggest shock of my life. Trust me I was never this much scared. I was not able to think what to say now. I was not ready to believe him so we visited her place and met her elder sister. It was true, she was no more but nobody knew the reason behind it.

I later in the evening called my other friend who was with me in the market when we met her and he too accepted seeing her but nobody was ready to believe us. My friends still don’t believe me for this thing though 4 years have passed. It was her ghost. It hurt more than what it haunted me.