Ghost of a Teenage Girl

We moved into the house immediately after our marriage. Just after 3 months I started to have a bad feeling about the house. I always felt I couldn’t breathe inside the house. I always couldn’t sleep before 2 am and couldn’t wake up before 9 am (I have to be at office at least by 10 am). All my personal and professional efforts started producing negative results. Situations twisted in such a way all the efforts that were made with true commitment got me only bad a name.

And 4 months in to our marriage, my wife got pregnant. Lots of visits from our relatives to come see us. But every kid that visits the house will cry for no reason. They will cry out of their lungs if I touch them. If some elders are not around the cry will turn into screams. My efforts to pacify the kids actually created a scenario that people started feeling that I’m torturing the kids. I started feeling very angry at the repeated failures that are occurring in both professional and personal fronts. I used to be always angry at something. Lot of quarrels started happening between me and my wife.

I was denied a raise in my salary that year. Funny thing is the same happened to my wife when her company announced no raise for her after two months. Expenses started running out of hands with an economic recession and high inflation. We had to borrow loans to settle some expenses we had related to our marriage. This just added some more fuel to our fights. I started losing concentration on the job. Now in my mind I’m either confused or angry. My wife was 8 months pregnant. She is about to leave to her mother’s house to deliver the baby. Some common sense prevailed, I had a very long conversation that day with my wife about something being strange at the house. At this point I felt the house was unlucky.

We both had very similar thoughts about the house. Kitchen was the most frightening place after dark. We always had a feeling someone is watching us through the window even when someone’s in your company. Water always ran cold from the kitchen tap all day (it will be warm in the hall in afternoons. But how it used to be cold in the kitchen tap where the pipes lie outside facing direct sunlight was a mystery).

Everyday around 3.30 pm – 5 pm, if somebody’s alone in the house the hall will turn very cold that’ll make your body shiver. One gets a feeling that a shadowy figure moving suddenly in the dark corners in and outside the house. The house always had high number of insects, ants, cockroaches, lizards and rats. But we wrote all these things off attributing the location of the house near farms. My wife started saying she’s not feeling safe inside the house if she’s alone. It was exactly my feelings too. But I didn’t open up much on that topic to her because I thought it would frighten her more.

As the delivery date was getting nearby, I thought it would be good to talk openly with my wife and clear the differences. When we started dissecting our fights, we both felt what one person meant and the other understood were totally different. I thought I should gift her something. I felt buying a dog would solve three problems. My wife would not feel alone and will feel secure. The second thing I felt was the dog would scare snakes and rats away from entering the house. Finally if any chance of paranormal activity is there the dog may give us a clue. Based on my 3-in-1 plan, I bought two German Shepherd pups. My wife had mixed feeling about it as the dogs were too young, but at the same time she was happy. She left for the delivery to her hometown.

Next month our son was born. The following month my job was gone. The tenants who occupied the first floor didn’t like the dogs one bit. The dogs always used to be at the wrong place doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. They never felt peaceful in front of our house. They always wanted to flee outside or run to the first floor. Now me and my neighbors started having fights related to the dogs. By this time I started feeling that something was seriously wrong with my decision making. I felt everything was going wrong only because of me. I started consulting shrinks to get rid of my sleeping disorder and procrastination. The anger has subsided but I was totally confused and started getting suicidal thoughts.

My wife was on maternity leave and there was no salary. I don’t have a job now. After three months the scenario was so hard I couldn’t feed my dogs properly. So I have to sell them off. I felt very peaceful around the dogs presence. But with a heavy heart I sold them. Once they were sold immediately within 10 days I found a new job. After 7 months in her home town my wife was back by this time (just a month before selling the dogs). Then our six month old kid’s behavior turned weird. We had been observing his behavior for the first five months when he was in my wife’s home town. So we had a fair idea about his characteristics. Once he came to our house, his behavior was abnormal.

He stopped touching his toys, including his favorite ones. There was no response to calls (he started responding to voices in 3-4 months). The only place where his face was showing emotions was the CEILING. I was busy steadying myself in my new workplace. I wrote this off saying that he is just getting used to the new environment. Finally the kid started avoiding breast milk. A consultation with the doctor revealed nothing was wrong with him physically. All of a sudden he started to wake up 12 am – 1 am every night, like someone had beaten him and will cry for a good 0.5 to 1 hour nonstop looking at the ceiling. Imagine a six month old kid sitting up from sleep without using his arms for support. Physically a six month old cannot do it.

So we were put in a position to fight the unknown. My wife was convinced and started pleading to me to find a solution. I was only 25% convinced. And finding a priest who really can deal with these things is a tough job without proper contacts as 99% of them are fakes. Finally some luck was on our side. One of our neighbors started questioning why the kid cries late at night. She suggested a mosque where they conduct these rituals everyday (We are Hindus. We were a bit worried because we had no idea how Islamic rituals work. But There weren’t any other options).

Once we went there the priest said a young ghost of the age 16-20 is targeting our son. He said we were staying in its place. The ghost has developed a liking to our kid. But it doesn’t want anyone else inside its house. We came back and started investigating immediately about the claims with the other neighbors. The previous owner of the house was a manipulative and money minded lady. The land was supposed to be split 50-50 between her and her sister. But she was able to brainwash their mother to split it as 70-30. As she had multiple affairs with other men, her husband dumped her and left. She was living with her 2 sons and a daughter in this house.

Her sister was living with her husband in the house they constructed in their share of the 30% land. Finally this greedy women started an affair with her sister’s husband as well. Family issues ensued. The elders intervened and were able to set things right. The greedy lady wanted to perform black magic on her sister for recovering her husband back. She hired a black magician and now she started having an affair with the magician. The lady forces the kids to accept the magician as their father. But the 17 year old girl, the youngest of them all stands up and says no. This irritated the magician.

Till here the story is very clear. All sources confirm the same. After this we do not have much clarity. The 17 year old girl was dead. The family has said she committed suicide by hanging because of low scores in the exams. The case was never reported to police. They quickly conducted her funeral without even waiting for all the relatives to arrive. There are some people who said they girl may be murdered as part of the black magic rituals. The lady sold the house off to the current owner.

Now we started believing that the priest is not a fake as his descriptions matched our findings. So we went back to the Mosque and told the priest of our findings. As we are at the ghost’s place, we were advised to vacate immediately. The priest said he can’t do much to control the ghost as it is in its full power inside the house. We had to stay one more night in that house as we decided to go to my hometown with our kid. The priest gave us some protective items to survive the night.

My wife felt the bedrooms were more scarier for the kid and we decided to sleep in the hall. My wife and kid were so tired and slept. I was awake. I started feeling very weird after 11. 30 pm and I was afraid at 12 am what might happen. At 12 am nothing happened. I left a sigh of relief and was about to sleep. Just as I was leaning towards the pillow, my son shot up right in front of my eyes with a scream [12.02 am]. The kid almost stood up before falling back. We tried to pacify him for a good 30 minutes. Nothing happened, even when we tried the protective items provided by the priest. The kid would not open his eyes but continued to cry. There was no fever or any other symptoms. But any effort to wake him up and make him open his eyes was a failure.

The doorbell rang. The greedy lady’s sister who occupies the next house was at the door. She was tracking all the developments. She told us to get out of there immediately. She took us to her house and asked us to stay there for the night. Once we set foot inside her house our son stopped crying immediately.

I stayed there alone for two more months until I was able to find another house. There was only one freakish incident. I was sleeping on a Sunday afternoon. I had this dream which felt so real. There was a kid jumping on the bed. I was able to feel the bed shaking in my dream. As I like to see kids jumping and playing in the bed, there was a smile on my face. With every jump the kid started getting near me. For some reason I started developing a fear. At this moment I was trying to figure out who this kid is. All of a sudden the kid was not there. I could not get up and sit to search through the room for the kid. After a pause of 2 seconds the kid (now I know it’s a girl) landed on my chest. I couldn’t see her face as it was fully covered with her hair. At this moment I woke up with a shock in my eyes and a smile in my face.

After this incident, I spoke to the house as a desperate effort. I promised that “I will leave your place to you as soon as possible”. After that there were no more incidents in the two months I stayed alone.