Lady in White Saree

My name is Sushant, and I am from Badlapur (Mumbai). My encounter with ghost happens when I was 13 years of age in year 1995. It was gokulasthami on that day. I was out from morning with my friends roaming in the City to watch Dahi Handi. I enjoyed whole day, at last at around 8.30 PM we had dinner at one of my friend house. I was worried cause it was too late for me to go back home. Somehow I finished my dinner, and ask my friend to come with me and drop me until the halfway of my house.

We were on the way, on the halfway my friend left me, and I was walking alone further. I reach my house compound, it was almost 11.30 PM. We have big house as well as the compound surrounded with big mango and neem trees. When I entered my compound I saw my front door was closed so I took my back door. When I went towards backyard door, I knock the door and just turn around and flashed my torch towards our compound.

I saw one lady wearing white saree, seating under the mango tree with her hair open. I was stunned that she was washing her cloths under the tree in the dark night and that also without water. At that time I was really scared so much, by one hand I again knock the door 3 times, and again I flashed the light. She was still seating there in same position washing the cloths. I was thinking how can she wash cloth without water and also at this time, it was 11.30 PM.

She was hiding her face behind her hair, so I was unable to see her face, I took some steps to make sure whether she was really a woman or something else, she was just 20 meters away from me. When I moved little forward she completely stopped her washing, and slowly she moved her hair sideward by her hands.

I still remember her hand was black, wearing some bangles. She look up straight towards me. You all guys will not believe me, when she look at me she not shouted or did anything to me, she gave me one good smile. Her face was totally black, her eyes were completely white also her teeth. I still remember her smile. I was just looking at her and I also smiled at her.

Few second later, she dropped her hair again and started to wash her cloths. I realize that she was not human being. Slowly I moved backward, I not turn my back to her because my mother was always telling me whenever you saw something strange like this never ever show your back. Just walk backward only. My mother had lots of encounter like such things at her teenage.

I just kept walking backward until I reach my front door again. I bang the door several times. At last my sister open the door. I quickly gone inside and told her what happen few minutes before with me. She kept laughing at me. My sister open the back door, switch on the backyard light to show me that there is nothing, and really there was no one.

I told her that one lady was washing her clothes under our mango tree without water in the darkness. She kept laughing at me, and told me to sleep. I not slept whole night until morning. In the morning when my mother woke up I told her first what happen last night with me. My mother told me yes there is one lady here inside our compound from long years.

But not everyone can see her only few like you. My mother told me not to worry about that lady, she will not harm you. From long time she is just staying here in our compound and she will not do anything to our family. When my mother gave me this info, at that time I got a huge relief. But my mother told not to tell this to anyone.

After long time today I share my hidden fact. My age is 30 now, and presently working in Saudi Arabia. I share my experience cause that same incident I had encountered here in Saudi. Again, really you will not believe it. On November 11, 2014, I just woke up earlier in my room, it was 1 AM. I just took 1 cigarette and went in the balcony to smoke. I saw one Saudi guy wearing his white toap (Saudi wear which men wears).

That man was standing in the middle of the basketball court holding one big stick looking at ground and shouting and banging the stick at the ground, pointing towards the basket. I thought he must be crazy. At this time he alone standing and doing some crazy thing. But I realized that he was banging his stick on the ground, and also shouting with action, but there was not a single sound or his voice I heard. I was just on the first floor very near to him but not a single voice.

I took my mobile and I was filming that. I recorded the 4 minutes of clip. When I stopped the filming, I saw he was not there. I don’t know where he vanished. I came inside my room I played the clip. I got shocked that in that recording there was nothing, only basketball court, nothing was there. I realized oh after long years 2nd time I had encountered this situation.