Light Turn On

This story that I am about to tell happened only last night. It seems everything strange happened yesterday and this morning. But moving on, it started like this. As usual I always go to bed the latest and feeling a little peckish after watching a bit of Jerry Springer, I made my way downstairs into the kitchen to find something to eat.

The rest of the family were sound asleep so I tried to do everything with as little sound as possible. As I was approaching the stairs I heard the light in the bathroom upstairs go on. But there was nobody there and the bathroom is directly in front of the landing once you get up the stairs and I was already approaching the bottom stairs.

So I sprinted up the stairs already shaken to go and see who it was. But no one was there and I know I would have seen the person because they wouldn’t have had enough time to get into any of the rooms! So I just switched off the light and brushed it aside thinking it was my imagination running wild. Then I went into my room and closed the door to get down to ma snack.

As the program that I was watching went on a break, I muted the sound (a habit of mine) and finished my snack. Then I heard the door open a crack and I could see only pitch black because all the lights were off (except my bedroom) and heard as if someone was walking up and down so I jumped and grabbed the door open hoping to scare whoever was trying to scare me but only ended up getting the scare when I realized no one was there.

I could hear my dad snoring and my mum snoring and my little sisters in their room snoring soundly too, so I began wandering. So quietly I switched off the light in my room and went into the bathroom and waited in anticipation while all the lights were off. Then without warning the light in my room went on and no one had gone into the room. That’s when I practically freaked out! I didn’t sleep in my room that night! I went into my little sister’s room and laid some sheets on the floor and went to sleep.