Man With The Lantern

This incident occurred with my mother. This incident took place at a remote and small town “Bandikui” it is at the edge of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. My father is in railway and in this job he has to shift very frequently. At that time I was about one and a half years and my brother was yet to born. My mother was 7 months pregnant. We live in a rented house and the house owners were also railway employees.

So we had good relations with them. My father used to go on duty in early morning and thus my mother was left alone in that house. Actually we had only one room and the owners were living in the rest of the house. Our room was at the backyard so it was quite creepy there as long bushes and outgrowth of plants were there and as I told it was a small town so we can’t expect street light or something like that.

The owner’s wife (let’s call her Mrs Mishra) was a firm believer of paranormal. She always used to tell my mother about these stuffs and scold her for being out so late (my mother use to stroll at evening in the backyard). She use to tell my mother about such incidents and also warned her as she was pregnant. People believe that these things are more attracted towards pregnant ladies. But my mother being skeptic she never listen to these things.

One night my mother, father and I was sleeping in that room. That was the month of July and so the windows were open. The windows of the room did not have any grills or anything like that. It was like anyone can go through it. My father was fast asleep but my mother was awake. She was looking at that window, suddenly she saw something unbelievable.

She was unable to understand what was it. She saw two men standing at that window. One was tall and another was short. The short one was carrying a lantern with him and the taller one was calling to my mother to come with him. My mother felt paralyzed at that time. She was even unable to wake my father who was just sleeping beside her. But my mom thought of handling the situation bravely. She is a firm believer of Lord Krishna.

She recited his name with full Strength. She then asked to the men about what they are saying (not asked as if she was saying it from her heart). In reply the one said that her time is over and thus she has to come with them. My mother refused them and suddenly they vanished. My mom then woke my father and told him to look out. He checked everywhere but found no one. He then made my mom relaxed and asked her about what had happened.

My mother didn’t tell him as we all are quite skeptic so she let it go. The next day my mother discussed this incident with Mrs mishra. She was astonished after listening to my mother and without even speaking a word she sprinkled some gangajal (holy water) on her. Then she finally told her that the two men she saw were the spirits of the nearby graveyard. If any woman is pregnant they used to come and take her baby.

Many incidents have occurred like that in which many women have lost their child. When Mrs Mishra asked my mother about how she has handled the situation she told her about the daily prayers she used to do. Mrs Mishra praised my mother for her bravery. We did experience some more incidents there but they are for another time. We left that place within six months as my father’s posting was done to somewhere else.