Mysterious Voice

I am not kind of person, who believes in ghosts or dead spirits, but earlier something was happened, which will always remain a mystery for me. I am from Ludhiana and this happened when I went to meet my relatives live in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. One night, there were only five members in the entire house. Me, my grandmother, uncle, aunt and my cousin.

I was lying on a sofa and was talking to my grandmother, uncle and aunt while cousin was sleeping in a room located on the upper floor of the house. It was around 11 pm when I noticed that someone has switched off the light of gallery. (Don’t say electricity problem because we found the switch off). As the room where we sat was far from the gallery, I was not able to see who was there.

To confirm, I called my cousin’s name ‘Vikas’. In a reply, I heard ‘Haan (Yes)’ from the other side. I was surprised! How he could reach there, as the only way to get to the gallery was the room where we were sitting? I again called him with the louder voice and this time the reply was even louder.

Third time I raised my voice and received the answer in the same tone. To check, I went to the gallery. To my surprise, there was nothing. I went to Vikas’s room and found him sleeping. He was unconscious and sweating. I woke him up and asked him about the gallery incident. He told me that he was sleeping and didn’t come downstairs.

I was shocked. Who was there? It couldn’t be thief as there is no way to enter that room apart from the place where I was with my relatives and it couldn’t be my brain playing with me because the other members had heard that voice too. Well, it will remain a mystery.