Poltergeist at The Friend’s House

So this the first time i write ghost stories in english, enjoy. James, robert, steve, bill, brody, and vada are a group of high school student. They had been friend since elementry school. One day james asked his friend that he want to make a band and ask if they like to join him. They agree as all of them can play music and sing. They made a formation of James as the lead singer, Robert as the drummer and backing vocals, Steve as the bassist and backing vocals, bill as the lead guitarist and backing vocals,brody as the rhytm guitarist and vada on piano and keyboard.

They start practicing on James’s house. They then go to the garage and start practice making song. When they’re tired they stopped for a while they left their music instrument on the garage. Robert and brody ask if everybody is hungry. They then say yeah and james said they can make their own sandwich. When they were making their sandwich, they heard a big noisy sound from the garage.

They rushed to the garage and they think that maybe there was a thief who want to steal their music instrument. When they arrived they found nothing but their instrument had beed fallen from their place. Strangely brody’s guitar isn’t damaged but bill’s gibson les paul guitar is heavily damaged even the guitar’s neck is broken. Steve’s schecter bass received a little damaged on the body. Rob’s zildjian cymbal was found near the garage door and was broken.

The only thing that doesn’t get damaged is rob’s pearl drumset, vada’s korg keyboard. They had a strange feeling and put their music instrument in their place even bill put his broke guitar on the top of an cupboard. James then turn on the security cam. They felt sad because that gibson is his favourite guitar and the other tells him that he have many guitar on his collection and his family is wealthy and could by another.

When they are eating their sandwhices they hear another sound from the garage, this time they remember that the security camera was turned on. When they arrive this time, rob’s drumset had fallen apart and all of his cymbal was destroyed, brody’s guitar was destroyed and the neck was broken to and the same things happened to steve’s bass. Strangely the keyboard doesn’t fell but had been shifted a little bit.

They then took the camera’s tape and play it on the video player. They were shocked when they saw that the guitars and bass was moving by itself and then fell hardly making it broke. The cymbal was floating and they were out of the stack and like there is someone that is invisible threw it making them crack and the drumset fell by itself. Steve said it was a poltergeist and james felt so scared and they told him to move out of the house because there was a legend if a house has a poltergeist.

The poltergeist will stay there. James then told his parents to move out but they don’t agree until he show the tape and they moved out and sale the house the next three days james and his family already move to a new house. The new house was prayed by a priest. They then continue practicing music in james house. Bill got a new guitar but this time the guitar isn’t a gibson les paul but a limited edition schecter synysters custom guitar which one of his dream guitar because he already had many gibson les paul guitar.

Brody got a new prs guitar and steve got a new schecter bass and rob had bought a new pearl drum set with zildjian k custom cymbal. (I didn’t want to promote any of this music instrument brand or type, i just tell it because i like the brands and their shape so don’t misunderstand). They then finnaly can practice without any disturption from the poltergeist.