Strangers Visit on a Rainy Night

I had an interesting experience this summer in France. I was trying to get to sleep alone in a tent on a very stormy night. I was a little jumpy because the rain was coming down in such hard torrents and I wasn’t very confident my tent wasn’t going to collapse! As I was finally falling asleep, I became convinced there was a man outside my tent. I had an image of his walking along side it outside. I grew more and more anxiety-ridden.

Suddenly, it was as if there was a man a soldier on top of me. He was holding me down with his entire body, and using a hand to cover my mouth as I struggled from beneath him. He spoke quickly in another language (German? I’ve only had one semester of it, so I’m hesitant to pinpoint it as such).

It was dreamlike in the sense that I couldn’t really move or scream, which if this sort of thing really happened I am absolutely positive I would have no trouble doing either. Then, I woke myself up with my own cries and gasps and I was there alone in my tent and just fine.

I slept there for six weeks with no other incident (I’m an archaeologist, it was our field camp), though someone with a tent nearby mine got up one morning about 2am or so, to urinate and claimed he saw a figure pacing the end of the field we were camped in, along the edge of some woods (actually around where my tent was).

One other girl, with a tent a bit further down from mine, also claimed at one point that she felt some sort of presence an unpleasant one at that, whom made her uncomfortable outside her tent. I almost always have unpleasant, often disturbing dreams, but this was by far the most vivid I didn’t realize I had even fallen asleep until I woke up. I think what I dreamed/experienced may be related to the other two incidents that occurred in camp.