What Kind of Friend Are You?

Mike is a student at the high school, who is doing great at anything he can play. Such as, sport, any music instrument, singing, and at all study. He have a girlfriend named mary who was disappeared and his friend named gary. One day, mike was at his school, they were playing basketball. Mike then beat gary’s team. Mike still felt so sad because he can’t find his girlfriend until now, and gary is the one who always encourage him and told him to move on, but he always remember his girlfriend.

The strange thing that mike always caught is gary’s expression when mike say about mary’s name. He then got suspicious of him, but always act nothing in front of gary. The next day, mike have a team work with his team they are smith, bryant, and james. They worked until night at school. They finished at 09.00 pm, when they came across the class of 12A they heard someone voice is crying and they know that no one at the school except them and they ran away.

The next day, they ask if any of the students in the class 12A ever heard a voice of someone crying and they said “no”. That night mike and his friends go to investigate the class, but in front of the school’s gate, mike see someone standing in there. When he come close near, it revealed a someone standing is mary. Mike felt so sad but happy to meet her at that time, after that mary said something “come with me” and they follow her to class 12A then mary told the truth, that she has been died 6 months ago and the murder is gary.

One day, gary give a hand to her, help him study until late night. But when all the student already left, gary r..e her in class 12A and stab her, because she tried to scream and buried in the backyard. Mike then cries and feel so mad. He never thought his bestfriend will stab him from the back. The next day, mike told the teacher to investigate on the backyard and they found mary’s corpse.

Mike goes to gary and hit him, until he was bleeding. “You! what kind of friend are you? You kill her and even r..e her! I will call the police right now! There is no excuse, for you”. Gary was forced to the jail and mike felt so sad. That day and he cries all day but mary’s spirit came to him and encourage him to move on and he knew that mary will feel sad if he don’t do anything, so mike continues his life and move on.