Where is The Mummy?

Mr Tan had been married for 7 years. He was an average white-collar executive in a MNC, driving a Nissan, lived in a Terrace, went for vacation every year with his wife and only son. He paid his tax timely, his life was nothing but plain routine, plain like the plain water. On a Friday night, Mr Tan came home later than usual after having a few Beer in the Pub with some of his colleagues. Mrs Tan wasn’t feeling well and they started a quarrel over a trivial matter and accidentally, Mr Tan killed his wife.

He was panic and didn’t know what to do. He was only 30 years old, he had a good career and he definitely didn’t want to go to jail for a mistake, an unintended mistake, caused by him. Good thing his 5-year-old son Alex was already asleep. After much consideration, Mr Tan buried his wife in his garden. His corner terrace was the last unit and his immediate neighbour, the Lim Family was in the States and would only be back the following week.

While cleaning himself in the bathroom, Mr Tan kept thinking, “How am I going to explain to Alex where his mummy has gone to?”. Knowing his 5-year-old was super-duper glued to his mummy, Mr Tan was really worried how to answer Alex question about his mummy’s whereabout.

One day passed, Alex never asked any question. Second day passed, Alex still didnĀ“t ask for his mummy. Third day passed. Fourth day passed.

On the fifth day, Mr Tan could no longer suppress his doubts, he asked Alex, “Alex, how come you don’t miss your mummy? How come you never ask me where mummy goes?”. Alex, with his big innocent eyes, looked at his daddy and replied, “Daddy, I want to ask you one question?”.

“Yes?” Mr Tan asked.
“Why are you carrying mummy behind your back for so many days”.