White Figure

My experience happened in my mid teen years, and I still do not know what I saw until this day. I have two events and both involve me being asleep. My first experience happened around midnight, and it was like any other evening. I remember falling asleep with my TV on and nothing was out of the ordinary. I woke up to the room being dark. I could tell the only light was the TV, but it was very faint. I looked over to my right and saw a white figure standing next to my bed. It was average height and appeared to be very slim. The weird thing was that it had no features about it, its arms were straight lines almost and it had not curves on its body.

I tried to comprehend what was happening but my mind was not there, the best way to describe it is coming off anesthesia and being groggy. I tried focusing on the figure and trying to see what I was looking at. I noticed it had a hood covering its head, and whenever I would focus on it, its entire body would go “fuzzy”. Its figure would grey away just as an old TV would if it lost its signal. I quickly realized that it did not want me to know what it was.

The figure was talking and trying to give me a black object in its right hand. I couldn’t tell what it was saying or what the object was. By the way it was talking and moving, it seemed as if it was begging me to take it from it. It kept pushing it closer to my face and talking faster.

I looked to my left and saw myself laying in the floor, so I looked down and saw my body in bed. The only difference was that I had a white tint to my hands. My skin color was the same but I had a glow to me if you will. I looked back up to see the figure but it was gone and everything went to darkness slowly and I woke up in the floor in the same position that I saw myself.

That was the first experience I had, the second one happened rather recently. I laid down to go to sleep and remember feeling people watching me. I woke up to see dark shadows standing at the end of my bed. They had no shape except that they were normal height and looked like people. I got up out of bed and instantly I felt pain. I felt emotional pain such as death, pain, and sorrow. Every depressing feeling you could name, I felt it. I was yelling at these shadows to go away and they kept talking and laughing.

I walked over to one of them got the instant feeling that this one’s name was “suicide”. I started to fight it, and the fight lasted about three seconds before I felt myself laying in my bed again. I could tell I was asleep but I couldn’t move, and I felt a face right next to my ear. I could feel a cold breath and it was whispering in my ear. I couldn’t make out what it was saying but I remember trying to move and open my eyes but I was glued to the bed almost.

Seeing the white figure was my first real encounter and ever since then, I have heard and seen things. I have never tried to call on any spirits, nor have I been suicidal in my life. My house was brand new when purchased, and it’s only a few years old. In all my years of living, I haven’t had a close relative or friend pass away so I don’t know what is trying to communicate with me.