Who is it?

This incident happened in the year 2000 when I was preparing for my Exams (EMCET), Medical Entrance Exams. It was a combined study. My friend Venkat used to come to my home for study. During those days night life in Hyderabad was very low. Shops and malls used to get shutdown by 9:30 pm, specially in my area. If it’s 10:00 pm, then it’s like a Midnight. You find nobody on roads, no street lamps.

I stay in Ecil, which is highly populated and well-developed area now. I had my room and my parents used to go off to bed by 10:00 pm max. Now back to the story. Venkat cannot keep himself awake for a longer period during nights. I used to stay awake until 2:30-3:00 am, so I used to wake Venkat before I go off to sleep.

On this particular day, I had my dinner around 8:00 pm. My parents went to their room and I was waiting for Venkat. He arrived by 9:30Pm. The moment he came in, he started telling that he is very tired and will sleep early and will wake up early. I had no issues. He asked me to wake him up at 3:00 am. I switched off all the lights in hall and came to my room. We had a chit chat for awhile.

Later, in few minutes, Venkat went to a slumber sleep. I was just reading books, it was around 2:30 am. I was about to close my books and hit the bed when I heard something. What was it? I ignored, I heard it again, what is it now? My heart started pounding heavily now. It was knock on the main door. I went to hall to conform it, waited there few seconds, knock again.

Now I was like paralyzed, because I did not switch on the lights in the hall and the switch board is close to the main door. The door was knocked once again. It was in the same rhythm every time. Knock was for 3 times in one go. It’s like tak, tak, tak. Then break and tak tak tak. I ran back to my room, woke up Venkat.

He just woke up and ignored what I said and went back to sleep. Somehow I slept off that day. Next day I was tired and wanted to sleep early by 10 pm. Venkat was fresh and said he would be awake until 3:00 am for a change. Meanwhile I told him about what had happened in the previous night. Again he was not ready to listen what I was telling him.

So I slept off early, Venkat was studying seriously. It was around 2:10 am, the same ting repeated. Venkat went to the hall and he heard the knock on the door, same rhythm. He took further steps and went to the door and turned his ear to the door trying to listen if there is someone on the other side. Suddenly the knock again. Since he heard it so close, he came running to me, woke me and started saying, “Whatever you said was right. Even I heard it.” I could make out from his face that he was terrified and shivering.

The next morning, I told my parents about what had happened. They confirmed with Venkat as well, so they decided to stay awake that night. My father waited until 12Am and went to sleep. It was my mom and my younger brother who were awake for a while. It was around 2:15AM when I heard the knock. I went to the hall and woke up my mom who was half asleep. She heard the knock twice, she started asking, “Who is it?” No response, but the knock still continues.

She is daring women, I should say. She switched on the lights, went to the main door and suddenly opened the main door. I was scared to hell, but nothing was there. It was dark. She went out and switched on the light outside. Nobody is there. She told, “There is nothing and you guys can ignore if it continues.” That’s what we have done. This continued for awhile, we ignored it. Now I don’t seen anything of this kind anymore.