Who Knocked The Door?

It’s my real experience, I am sharing to you. I bought a home near Andra Pradesh border to Tamilnadu border. I surprised my family and we went and made celebrations of the first day in that home. At first night of that home my grandpa stayed and he wanted everyone to move to my aunt’s home, because he want to check any spirits is been in that home. He is a farmer and he has much experience in the spiritual belief. So we stayed in my aunt’s home and he stayed in the new home alone at the first night in the home.

Next day morning I asked him that anything you come to know in that home, he said it’s fine to stay. So I got relief and I brought my family to that new home. He told if your baby cries call me, and he went to his home. Second day of that night myself, my wife, my baby and my mum and sister stayed in the home. Me, my wife and baby slept in a room and my mom and sister slept in another room.

At 11.30 PM my baby cried so hard, so he didn’t cried like that before. Me and my wife took his doll and made him fun, but still he didn’t stop crying. My sister came and she took care to my baby. He stop crying and he was looking in the corner of the room. I was so scared and I told her to take baby to Hall, so my baby started crying, we don’t know what to do? I was thinking to about my grandpa make safe to my family. I called him he told he is in barn so he will be at next morning.

It’s time 1 AM. Now my baby still looking corners of hall. At that time we heard a noise, it’s unusual at that time. The noise is like someone knocking door hardly. We asked that who will be now at this time. I opened the door but no one is there. But the knocking sound continued for half an hour. We got scared and it chilled my spine and we asked dua’s, we prayed. But my baby was never stopped crying. He is still looking the all corners of the hall. When I saw the corner nothing there.

After 1.30 my baby stopped crying and he slept, but we are really scared because we don’t know who knocked the door? My sister went to sleep in the room. My baby and wife slept at room calmly but I didn’t slept. I was thinking why my baby was looking the corner of the homes and who knocked the door continuously for half an hour? After 3 o clock only I slept.

Next day I told the experience of last night to my grandpa, he told that he also got to door knocking sound for half an hour. My baby was looking for something. He told calmly “I heard some spirits are been rounding around the corner of the home and knocking door for one hour.

I just want to double check with your baby can find it. Now you leave this home with your family.” (Because baby can see the spirits.) I yelled him why he didn’t tell to me about this incident. So I left that home and bought a new one in another place. Still now I think that who knocked the door?