Dead Pet Cat Came to See Her

It has already been four years ago, but cats that had been keeping for 9 years have died of illness. My husband and I lived in a couple. The cat was well tolerated especially by his wife, and his wife was also pretty like a child. When I realized that the cat was sick, my wife quit his job because of a cat’s nursing, I regularly went to the hospital and I was nervously enthusiastic. I worked together, but I was cooperating.

My favorite wife was always by my side, so I got better with it, and I was always turning around behind my wife. Even when we sleep, cats came to the wife’s bedside, when we were out of sight from the place where cats sleep, we had a cat punch on my head, I was kind enough to come to wake. Still, because of care, the disease improved until amelioration, it is not good for the body, but it got better up to playing.

Originally it was a cat that I like to eat, so I think that eating well was also a factor to get better. Even if I suffer because I am sick, I have been eating. So, if you do not measure the amount of food at a fixed time, you eat endlessly and sometimes get fat. So, cats became well, so my wife soon came to go to work interview in various ways to get back to work.

Then, there was a recruitment contact from one of them and it was time to go out to prepare for work. The condition of the cat changed suddenly. Although I was running cheerfully up to a while ago, the state of my body became strange, my breath became rough as if I found out to leave. I am absent from work. And because it was Sunday, my animal hospital had no contact.

His wife looked for a hospital that hurriedly treats holidays, brought him in a hurry. Unfortunately it was too late. It was in a state where there was no way to give hands. It was a choice whether to wait for death while alleviating suffering at the hospital or to die at home. My wife came home with me. I was only able to stay by my side until my death.

It seems that she smelled the smell of her favorite snack just before her death. It seems that there has been no reaction any longer but. At that time, I had trouble at work, I could not return even if I wanted to leave, finally when I left the company, I heard the death from my wife. And when I got home it was an altered figure.

Although we both grieved, we decided to carefully supply them, look for animal cemetery, decide to have a funeral and cremate. My wife got to be sad and I had him do it at a temple alone. A night after about 2 days from that day. Our husband and wife slept with a futon living room for the care of a cat. Otherwise cats got to call their wives one by one, so they did. I was asleep for a while. And I had a dream.

The dream is very warm, the sunny day, the window which goes out from the living room to the veranda is open, a refreshing wind blows through and the curtain slowly shakes. I am sleeping with my head in the window side there. Strangely enough in the night, all the electricity in the room has disappeared, but only around the veranda is bright like daytime.

A good-looking man, about 25 years old, is crouching at the bright lantern, crouching at the knees, and there is a chair next to it. Our cat is sitting on a chair on a barrel. I am a good-looking man “Excuse me!” He is called and raised. And, This child is saying thank you there. I am telling you that my cat says to his wife who is sleeping next door.

I saw my wife for a long time seeing our cat, called this girl. I also do not look at it at all. I said “Huh?” Because I do not know the situation well, I got a reply that did not come, I woke up with Hood. After getting up and not knowing whether it is reality or a dream, in a dark room, I feel somewhat lonely, “Perhaps the cat came to say good-bye.”

I decided to understand. The next morning I thought to tell this woman to my wife, but I could not speak like catching a sad wife. That day, I went to work that way. That night. I came home as usual. My wife is preparing dinner. It seemed to have calmed down much more. I am calm and I thought that I do not have to say that dream, well.

That time. The door of the entrance closed behind me suddenly began to shake in rattling and rattling, and at the same time, my heart is tightened, it hurts, I can not breathe well. On the spot, I felt as if I were getting achive but I did not understand the translation, and I wanted my wife to seek help for what he was doing. Then, from his wife, “Karakara Karatsu!” As soon as it sounded, it got easier at the same time and returned as usual, as none had happened.

My wife decided to feed crispy cats at our scheduled time until the 49th day. Looking at that situation, I think that perhaps it is possible to say that dream. I told you. My wife was very pleased and he smiled more at the state of the cat who never saw me. Then after about two days. My left shoulder itches, what is it? I thought and confirmed it with a mirror.

Then, Two scratches scratched by a cat’s nail were made. It is a fresh and new wound. The position of the wound was always the position where I could claw a navel when I hugged a cat who I hated. Looking at this, my cat is a greeting to his wife thanking him, and I just scratch it. While thinking, I felt a little happy.