A Man in My House

It was july 2005 when we first moved in to our new house and we only stayed there one night then had to pack to go straight on holiday so when we came back we made our home fell like home again, my mum had went to america in march to see her friend who lives in florida because she was sick with cancer.

My mum stayed in the spare room and she woke up in the middle of the night with a man sitting on her bed, she didnt tell me this when she got back because she knows im easy to get scared so it had came to september the month it was hot in (england) were i lived and i had locked my bedroom door shut and opened my window to bring some air in to my room and had a fan on then i had got a bit cold so i went to put my blanket over me and i heard a voice shout “No”.

It was deep man voice i got scared and opened my eyes my door was wide open and my window was shut my blanket had ben thrown on the floor so i ran in to my mum ( it was 3.30 am ) and told what had happend but i was too shook up to get my words out i went back to bed with my light on and nothing had happend so me and my mum had sorted out a camera and placed out side my door and we had saw a man figure walking up and down the corridor.

Beleive me that freaked me out to this day 2007 i still hear these noises and heard walking on out flooring down stairs and out chairs moving so yet again we set a camera up and u could see my mum leave a lamp on and turn the main one off as she went to bed then all of a sudden it swithes off.

4 hours later it turns on and then my mum walks in and tuns the main on one to get her coat out of the cupboard and came to check the camera and we both saw an arm move in the corner of the camera as if he was waking up from lying on his arms with his head on them leaning on the table but now I’ve been trying to communicated but does want to i think it likes scaring us I’m 17 and scared of sleepin in my own room this is my story so far and i will update when something else happends thank you for reading