A Stain

It is about my junior high school days. One day I was worrying that he was in a hurry almost every night. To the surrounding people, I thought that it seems likely to be said that it is easy to balance the body and the brain when sleeping rather than spiritually, I experienced an unlikely experience.

As a junior high school student I experienced a thing called a crime tie during the day when I suddenly had no experience such as a spiritual experience. However, it is only a thing that the body does not move. “Because it was tired, at last I wonder if I am also a spiritual experience?” I thought about it.

But since that day I came to tie down almost every night. Later bondage, when I opened my eyes, there were various women and old-fashioned people in front of us, like hallucinations. And I will keep my eyes closed because I do not want to see it, but since I can not get rid of himself unless I open my eyes and scream with fear of seeing fears, in that case, I work at home late I asked my mother to be bound by his mother who is in a difficult time when he is in difficulty calling me to wake me as I call him, every time I repeat his voices and screaming and shouting, I repeat almost every evening to have him wake me up.

My mother criticizes spirituality, but I do not think that much, so I wonder if she was mentally. At that time, the dolls and stuffed dolls at home seemed to look different on the day, and the days when I saw the droop seemed to repeat getting tied up. And a night when decisive funny things happened came.

Evening When I came home from school, I remember what I thought strongly more than always, “I am afraid of sleeping something, something today,” as my doll was drooping. And that day also entered the floor. As I thought, the bondage began, as I thought again, I always feel stronger fear and no voice.

Then you can hear a voice somewhat. I do not know what he is saying, but I was convinced that she was a woman, although she did not know whether she was moaning or laughing, such as “uu or fufu” with the voice of a woman. And desperately trying to put out a voice that would not come out with a particularly strong bondage at all times than usual.

It was for the first time that I heard a voice and I was afraid but I have to see it! I opened my eyes with courage. That moment sleeping on the right side. The shadow of a white lady! At the same time it’s terrible horror “Caught!”. A mother who noticed my big voice came flying and turned on the lights in my room. And my mother said with a surprised expression.

“Why? Why are you wet here?” I said with a surprising expression. That’s right. The part where the white shadow of the woman I opened my eyes stood was wet with moisture. I was zooed. I went to exorcize at a later date. It seems that it was jealous of a grand priest. I was instructed to incense in the room, and then the bondage ceased to exist.