A Tree Growing Person

There is a strange guy for my friend, that story. He is a woman, but what do I say, what a strange feeling anyway. First pretty so I tried various things because I was pretty, but why? I could not make it atmosphere. I had become like an ordinary friend unexpectedly. That time the child came to visit my apartment last November. At first I was playing games and get bored on the way.

I was trying to turn on the TV. Especially interesting things are doing. However, when I was watching dizzy, he told me that it was “Ah.. this person was” as he said to himself. I do not understand well because I do not see TV almost. It seems that he is saying things about the young comedy comedian who is now reflecting. I heard that “What?” Then she first said, “Because nothing”.

I smiled, but I also wanted to talk about it because I was bored and I tried persistently. Then I started talking about this strangely. “It might seem like a strange person to say such a thing. There is a time when certain people can see strange things from the past. Until I was a high school student, it was really extremely rare but recently that strange. Things look good, people in the world can see it”.

I heard that I do not understand the meaning “Is it like the inspiration you often say that?” She said “Is that so? I have never seen a ghost, but.” Then murmured. I thought that I do not care very well at that time, I think if I should become a story. She can see something of human type or black moya. Is not it such a “common” thing, sometimes a tree growing from the back of a person? It seems there are times when you can see something like.

When she talks to that, she suddenly smiled and said, “Do not believe me, forget me”. I just told the story to call a friend and tell me to go eat for dinner. It seems to say that something atmosphere “Do not pursue it any more”. I stopped talking about that story.