A Voice Coming From Basement

This event about a voice coming from basement happened five years ago in my old house located in Long Island, New York and I have been haunted by it ever since. At the time this was the only paranormal activity I had experienced in my home although I do believe my parents saw the same apparations but said nothing about it because they did not want to startle me and my siblings.

I was in eighth grade at the time. It was early in the morning on a Saturday, around 8:00 a.m. and my mom had told me to bring the dirty laundry down to the basement. So as I was gathering everything from upstairs I heared what sounded like a grown mans voice coming from the basement. “Jonathan, Jonathan.” Thinking it was my dad just messing with me I ignored it and went on gathering the dirty clothes.

A few minutes later it happened again. “Jonathan, Jonathan.” Thinking it was my dad asking for my help I continued down the stairs with the laundry in my hands. As I reached the basement stairs I called out “yea, what you need me for?”, and waited for a moment or two when the voice responded with, “Come down here?” That was when I noticed that all the lights were.

Why would my dad be calling my name from the basement in complete darkness? In the past he has played some mean pranks on me so I just went along with it. Just as I flipped on the switch to eluminate the room I saw a very large black shadow at the far end of the basement which seemed to gaze right back at me. I dropped everything I had in my hands and tore upstairs into my moms room.

At the sight of my erratically shaking body she started to freak out and asked what happened!. I couldn’t even explain at the time. I told how I heard dads voice calling my name from the basement and how I was bringing the laundry down and when I turned the lights on a black shadow seemed to appear and was gazing at me from across the room. My mom paused for a moment.

Then she told me my dad was been gone for the past 2 hours playing golf. At this point I began feeling very vulnerable and that I was no longer safe in my own home. Within the next 8 months my family and I had moved out of the house, supposidly because of my father’s change in careers. It seemed they were hiding something from me.

Everytime the discussion about that particular day came up they would always try and change the subject or avoid answering certain questions. I still don’t completely understand what happened that day although it still brings a tear to my eye and chills down my spine just for me to think about it.