A Woman Who Met on a Trip

A young man was traveling. I planned to arrive at a town where I lodged until the day ended, but a man accidentally got into a lonesome mountain lost by mistake. The man was prepared for the innocent way. An old woman from the farming work appearing in front of such a man came calling out. “Would you like to stay at home if you are okay? Because I will prepare meals for my grand-daughter.”

The man who was exhausted was attracted a little bit by the word grand-daughter, so he decided to stay at an old woman’s house. My grand-daughter was a pretty beauty with a neat atmosphere. After eating, my daughter gently handed the letter to the man trying to return to the bedroom. In that letter. “Please come alone at the barn at 11 o’clock.” It is written.

At the appointed time, the man inflated his expectations and he visited the barn yesterday. There seems to be a strong incense in the barn, and a lot of sweet scents are awake. “Please do not turn on the light because it’s embarrassing.” Looking at her body already seemed to have not got anything whole body. In her unexpected invitation, the man was delighted and quickly made things.

Contrary to that neat atmosphere that I saw at dinner, surprisingly sensitive, the skin was all wet with the whole body wet. Even though I could not see the facial expression, the man who was completely satisfied with her reaction repeatedly held her daughter again and again. “Because the grandmother is scolded, return to the room.”

My daughter told me that the man left the barn before the sun rose. As the sun rose, the man thanked the old woman and left the house behind. Then the farmer walking from the other side “You, you are not here, have you stayed somewhere?” I asked. Talking about having stayed at an old woman and grand-daughter’s house last night, the farmer said.

“Oh, at that house, poorly there are two grand-daughters there, but my older sister has gotten sickened and the skin is getting sickened, I have been staying at home for the past few years, whatever my whole body, my head It seems to suppurate to muddy from the foot to the end.” I left behind and went away.