Alone in The Apartment

My school was a holiday, grade 1 and 2 because of our seniors will held a Try Out. I am very happy because I was grader 1. holiday this time, I plan to spend the day at my aunt’s apartment. A coincidence both cousins would visit there also. I prepared a lot of plans I would do with them. After arriving there, I immediately turned on the laptop.

A coincidence my aunt installing wifi. So, I can settle for to play the game until the evening. When I was playing, suddenly auntie approached carrying three large suitcases. “Where are you going?” I asked. “I want to deliver goods to store in Tokyo.” she said, adjusting the contents of her suitcase one by one. “Well, I was left alone?” I pursed my lips.

“Oh, yes really sorry, Ryu. It is also very sudden. I’d probably go home tomorrow afternoon.” she said. “Whether Ruka and Tetsu to come?” I asked again. “They will test next week. I want them to use their vacation time to learn.” said my auntas she took her car keys. “Ahh!” I sigh while continuing playing the game. “Sorry.” My aunt looked at me with regret.

Because I saw the goods is so heavy, I helped carry it to the lift and take it to the car. My aunt gave me an allowance for snacks and more. She stroked my hair and said that she was very sorry and truly apologize. I go back and play online games. I’m looking for a snack in the fridge and take some to get rid of my anger.

Without realizing, the clock is pointing at 2 am. I was too dissolves in the game world. I immediately log out the game and open up my social media accounts. I open my favorite horror fans page. As I was cool to read the horror stories, suddenly all the lights in the room went out immediately. I put my laptop on the bed and walked out.

When I opened the door, I see the horrible sights there. The hallway apartments completely dark. There was no light at all. Instantly I got goosebumps and I immediately slammed the door. I ran toward the mattress. The only light is the laptop screen and the moonlight broke through the bedroom window.

I heard the door in another room was open and the sound of people talking. I think they are the occupants of the other rooms being checked if other rooms are also experiencing the same thing. I turned the music on my laptop and tighten volume. I immediately locked the door and the door of my room. The atmosphere even more tense when I glanced at a square-shaped hole near the top left corner to the door.

If you look carefully, it seems the former throne hole? AC that she now put in the living room. The hole looks vaguely because the state is being dark. I ventured to direct the light from my laptop screen towards the hole. Instantly my heart was beating very fast and the cold sweat flowing into my body. A pale-faced head smiling awful and its eyes stared at me. Then said, “need a friend?”.