Alone in The Dark

Hey my name is Vinnie, im 15 years old and i live in Erie. Nothing scary really ever happens to me, except for a few nights ago, i havent slept good since the incident. This is the only way i feel i can relieve some of the fear, to tell you my story. Well anyway, like i said it was a few nights ago, July 11, 2005, i was dead tired because i just got done seeing my girlfriend all day so i decided to hit the sack a little earlier than normal.

Everything was routine for me as usual, i brushed my teeth and washed up and I went into my room, shut my lights off, closed my door, and got into bed. I was only asleep for about 2 and a half hours when i woke up out of a dead sleep. My room looked hazy, but i figured it was just because i was waking up like i normally dont do. So i rubbed my eyes and sat up and looked around and in the far corner of my room i saw something that sent a chill up my spine, i couldnt move.

I didnt know what to think, there in my corner was an old woman battered and beaten staring right back at me. I couldnt run for my door because she was standing in the corner by it. I tried to scream but i couldnt i completely froze. I was half paralyzed but i could still move my eyes so i looked down and shut them, suddenly i could move again so i hid under my covers and curled up in a ball and closed my eyes tight.

I thought she was gone so i peaked out of my covers and she was right beside my bed, bent over looking me in the face. Her face was scarred and bloody, i quickly pulled the covers back over my head and started praying. Soon after i started to pray i became relaxed and went to sleep totally hidden from everything under my covers still. I woke up and to my surprise, it was night time once again. I had slept the day away, at this point it was about 11 p.m. and i wasnt tired at all.

So i layed there thinking to myself. Was it a dream? I close my eyes trying to remember what had really happend but i couldnt quite remember, and when i opened them the old woman had returned. Then my lights went on and off slowly. The first time they went off and came back on i saw she started to walk towards me, the second time it happend she was right next to my bed with a knife held high over her head with an evil looking smile on her face.

I got up and i tried to run through her, and i did. I turned around once i got to my door and she was stabbing right where i was laying. I opened my door and sprinted down stairs to tell my parents but they said i was dreaming and told me to go back to bed. Of course i didnt go back up there, i ended up sleeping on the couch. When i woke up it was morning to my reliefe and right away i went to my room with my buck knife in hand.

I searched for clues of a woman being in my room and stab marks in my bed, but i found nothing. So i decided to do some research. It turned out that before i moved into my house, an old couple lived there. My room was the couples former room. The man, Charles, was a ex-convict who abused his wife constantly and one day his wife, Rose Mary, had enough with his abusiveness and in the middle of the night she snuck into their room and murdered him in cold blood. I guess that explains everything, yes this is a true story and i hope that you liked it.