An Asian Hotel

My uncle is a travel lover and I’m going on a trip to various places, but in a hotel I stayed at when I went to a certain Asian country. Well there are places where security is bad in any country, but that was exactly the place that applies to it. However, I decided to stay in a cheap hotel where I would prefer a cheap accommodation even if I wanted to eat a little travel expenses.

It was a very dirty inn, it was a poor hotel with just a single washbasin with a bed and a washbasin, a toilet and a shower just like a room. The hotel was quite in the country. So there is nothing around. The appearance is unexpectedly apparent as an Asian taste in the second party, but the inside was the worst.

Well because the price is expensive, I gave up my uncle if I could not help it, but only a word, I was warned. “We do not have to reply to any of us at the moment because our employees will return as soon because we will go home because we do not have time to go back to where we are going to be taken.”

That’s what I told you. I will not guarantee the rest. It seems that all of the employees are going home. It shifts to another place dedicated to employees a little away. Today’s guest is only you two with you. I was told. Well do not do it, there is no choice but to rest sleep. How many hours passed? I fell asleep after a while. Did you think the “Concon” and the door knocked out? And awoke.

Who is it? When I tried to say so I remembered the words of the employee. “Do not reply to it, even if you ask a question, do not partner.” So do not talk. I thought as much as possible and erased the sign and pushed the voice down. And you gave up? Did he get relieved by force and he was relieved? The uncle called out as “good”.

Then, the sound which rushes up the stairs with the concon and the hurried foot sounds, and despite the door locked it gently opens little by little. Well, it’s dark, I do not understand it well, but it seems like a black figure that is three or four meters more than twice the size of a person, as I rock the body while shaking, I guess.

I thought that it would be useless, but I did not get closer to this one. I was in the morning when I realized if I fainted shortly. I decided to change my accommodation after thinking that it was the worst yesterday. I just dropped from my head a defense I got from my mother who always takes me to the trip.

That night was also a sleepwear, but I thought whether I was saved because I was lowered to my neck. After that it did not stay overnight at the unfortunate low-priced hotel where public safety was bad. My uncle is no longer a person who can travel but now that he saw that night probably will never forget it. I heard that it was the most scary experience in the trip.