Apartment For Rent

This story happened 10 years ago. We once rented a house near in a public market. It was really a huge house with two bedrooms. Beside our house is a huge Chico tree. My mom always recall her experience at that house. One night, while we were asleep, my mom went to the toilet.

Our toilet was downstairs. Surprisingly, when she open the door, she had seen three little muddy footsteps with 6 toes. It looks like a child’s footsteps because it’s very small. My mom wake up my dad and both of them wondered where it came from.

Another afternoon, my cousin is sleeping upstairs while me and my sisters are in the living room watching TV. She heard loud footsteps walking beside her. She thought it is just my father. When she call the name of my father, no one response so she went downstairs and asked us if my father was already home. We answered no. Then suddenly we heard a loud banging of the door.

We all shouted and ran out of the house. Another incident happened, it was Sunday afternoon about 5 pm, my mom was busy preparing and ironing our uniforms. She was facing at the window and she can see the huge Chico tree. Suddenly, she feels that someone is watching her. When she look around her, nobody is there.

When she look outside, she saw a pair of eyes looking at her in the tree. She move closer so she can clearly see it. Suddenly, a huge black figure of a man appears. My mom shouted hurriedly went downstairs. With those experience, my parents decided that we will move to another house.