Bamboo Grove

There was a bamboo grove, forest on the side of the elementary school that I was going on, “It is useless to be there because there is a dubious person there.” I did not go after all, but it was quite surprising that there are a lot of people going around, saying “There is a strange cabin and a tramper lives”, or “There is a hut and the door will never open” it was.

Everyone in common says “There is one old wooden hut. The fact that I went to the cabin before unexpectedly became a feeling like the status of “courageous guy”, and evil ghacch guys have memories that everyone was going to go. One day it seems that Takuma and Hatsuo told us that we should go together.

Both of them were friends for the time being, but those guys who went well went and they felt late for the future to go late. Anyway, they seem to have two people after school. The two who headed to the hut walk in the deep bamboo forest looking for an example hut. Although it was a small bamboo forest at a distance, there is a memory that was very dark when entering for a while. That was strange.

They seem to have found a rumor cabin. So I decided to go in immediately and opened the wooden doors and entered inside, but the first man who went in earlier said “Wow, Yabe! It solidified. It seems that people were hanging and dying inside. If you think about it, it seems that the craze that came in suddenly came out with a terrible voice. “Mother!”

Keeping crying Putting the craze, Hatsuo seems to have escaped with a dash. At that time I was at school ground, doing ballads or something with everyone, and the first man came in there with a dash. From the direction of the bamboo grove seen through the ground. In a really big voice, saying “Temple’s morning is dead!”

I frozen at that time. I think that it made a big noise on that day, but I do not remember well. Anyway, Takuma came not to come to school from that day, so after all it did not appear face to face and I moved to school. The problem is from here. It is a common talk but it became rumored that “There is a ghost in that hut”.

The guy who really goes since that suicide has decreased sharply, and everyone said that they caught not going. I was a person who knew at that time, because I knew that hanging corpses would be in a state of tremor, I was talking to everyone in detail about it. Fun in half. Everyone is listening to it and making noise. “Spirit of hanging woman goes out”. On that day, I was invited by another friend Shigeo.

“You, you know so much about the spirit, are you going to see it?” I refused haste because I was chattery, but promised to have the story later. Shigeo is a bad person in quite a few people, so I thought that he would really go. So it seems that some people really went to see the example hut after school.

The next day, when I went to school, I already forgot such a story already, but Shigoto himself was so dark that day. A problematic child who is always making noise. So I recalled yesterday and asked, “You really went?” Then “Yeah.” that much. Shigo himself who was supposed to talk to himself as a guy from her own age was extraordinarily grown, so was this seriously out? Is it? I thought, I sticked to Shigoto a day the same day, I heard digging, root digging.

I wonder what happened in the hut yesterday. However, I will not tell you what to ask. I say “yeah” to “Do you see something?”, But do not answer “What did you see?” Even if you are perplexed, you say you saw a ghost of an amazing woman? I was already excited to think that Shigo really saw a ghost, and I heard it until after school after all what kind of ghost, what kind of feeling I felt.

Shigo finally said “Do not tell anyone, so let’s never go over there.” Shigo said only a single word. “When I opened the door, there was a clown shouting in a loud voice.” There is no punch linei like. Shigoto will not tell that story afterwards, and I also have less interest in talking about scary people in half. The bamboo grove that had a hut was crushed, and now we have a factory that makes brush pen.

I just remember the face of the sorrow of the craze that I showed only once. Since I experienced a little seriously and not being able to be sharpened this time, I will post it together. Last weekend, I had a chance to drink a lot and I had a chance to return home on a way back from my usual day, drunk at the bellwetherry night and walked alone.

That road entered the backstroke of the elementary school I attended and I had not used it for quite a long time. A factory was built across the river. On the site of that bamboo grove. The moment the factory came into my eyes, I came a little while ago. I tried not to think about it, but I went through the way I decided not to pass through anything yet.

It is already dark enough, only the dim light of the factory’s external light can be seen. So I saw it. That bamboo grove is left without being crushed. Since that incident a couple of years ago, I did not go to the bamboo grove as my friend’s advice, nor even passed by. So, apparently memory seems to have been twisted arbitrarily.

Bamboo grove, forest has not gone away. If it was in normal condition it would have escaped with a haste dash, but I was drunk anyhow. There must have been a strange mission. There was an old concrete bridge that could cross over the other side and I wonder what I thought. To go to bamboo grove.

Bamboo forest everyone was using for test of the liver at elementary school. I myself will come for the first time. It was about a while before I saw that incident a while ago. Now that I became an adult, when I saw it from the outside it looked quite small. It seemed like a solid green wall was covered so as to surround the bamboo grove, and it came close to me and it turned out to be a fern like a group of fences in the surrounding fence.

My legs were slacky, but I surpassed the fence and entered the bamboo forest. I can only imagine I was fascinated by something. The grass was bushy and the inside was pitch dark. That’s why I proceeded toward the light of the factory for the time being. Then there was a shed nearby. Even though I can not see it from the outside. As expected the legs stopped. It is said that there really is. And that still remains.

Here’s the mother of Takumi. I unintentionally adjusted my hands. And though I should stop it, I thought of entering the cabin. I wrote (written) that story to an unspecified number of people, so it is no longer an outsider at all. In order to clarify, I also need to check inside. I thought so. The door is a sideways wooden door, with no lock. Originally it was strangely heavy even though the hut was really boring.

I pulled in and looked into the inside. The inside of the cabin is pitch dark and we can not see anything at first. I entered the cabin and immediately tripped over something. Although I did not collapse, I went all the way to the deepest. Something hard strikes the foot around here. I did not see anything for a while, but as I got used to my eyes. In the hut, I noticed that there was an extraordinarily large amount of Jizo which was crowded forever.

“Jizo. Jizo. Jizo.” My heart is about to stop. For a moment, Jizo is looking at all here! I think, I was almost left out the hips, but their line of sight, had been tied at one point with a different medium of the hut. what is there! Is it? I saw that thought, but there is nothing in that space. Just above the space.

A little look, there there is a straight long beams so as to penetrate the cabin, it is thick enough likely hung easily big enough for one person, I can easily imagine the “what happened” there Good things! Nausea welled up with good and chills, clearly in my ear to keep the mouth, small voice of “mother?” was heard.

Turned around involuntarily, just a place on the entrance of the hut, is Tsubuseasa of appearance which is not the same as that at the time no doubt! Takuma distorted the eyes of Marunomiru distinctly as if he could hear a sound, and I understood. Trying to shout at the next moment! I do not remember how to get out of the bamboo grove.

When I noticed, I was running as usual with my best effort on my way back home. That was two weeks ago. I am full of arms and scratches. Worried considerably, but because I thought it would be probably misunderstanding or a dream, post here, we have to be in that I no all. Amen, I will forget. Please give me some intelligent thrust. It seemed to really cry, recently. Well, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.