Black Woman

That was probably around a year after I got a job. I got used to work and I became able to speak with my senior without any hesitation, and it was around time that I escaped from the paper. I worked for a pest control company in the general public. There are a lot of foolish things to say, but it was a work that I could do with pride.

A story that I experienced. Half or more of this work was extermination such as restaurant or office, not general house. Then people worked during the daytime and work time was often nature and morning from night. On that day, it was the day I was going to disinfect a pizza of a pub. I usually do this kind of work with multiple people, but the size of the Izakaya is small, I was left alone by myself for the first time.

I was really happy to think that I was accepted at last as I worked hard for one year. I entered the scene at about 2 o’clock and took the key to the manager of the shop. I will lock back myself after work is over. Unfortunately, inside the shop where there was no one, outside was unfortunately rainy. 1 person left to set up a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for capturing rats. Since it is not a thing to put it anywhere, it is time to finish installing about 50 pieces with care.

I noticed a strange sound was heard. It sounds like a sound of a water supply that can be heard from a distance. Somehow when I checked my watch, it was about 3 o’clock. I thought that it was strange that I had not noticed it even though I worked for more than an hour, while I thought about it, I headed to the kitchen which seems to be the source of sound. Metal door that would be left open during business.

It is a kitchen if you open it, but I could not open it in the middle. Because, as I approached the kitchen, it was mixed with water tones and I heard strange noise. It is a dubious sound that the onomatopoeic sounds as it is. He was scared of being a thief or a ghost. Nevertheless, I opened the door at once at the thought that he was unclear as it was.

If there are people inside, it’s about the momentum to escape Bibi. At the moment the door was opened, sounds and suspicious sounds also stopped. But, it is pitch dark and I can not see anything. Fumigating the wall and pushing the switch of the fluorescent light, I lit my neighborhood white while echoing a distinctive sound.

In a room where it got bright, you can not feel anything unusual at first glance. I gradually moved my eyes from left to right and gazed at the room. After all there is no particularly strange place. Just a bit of water dripping from the water supply. At a pace of about once every ten seconds, water droplets have fallen and make empty sounds.

I thought that the cause of the sound might have been different. At that time approaching closing the faucet, the door closed with great momentum. It’s just a matter of not having anything, that it was a type of door that closes automatically. Still I got scolded by the momentum my heart began to pop out of my mouth. With a sigh, and a sigh, twist a faucet.

The water stopped with a creepy sound, and the last drop fell to the sink. Sigh again and leave kitchen behind. I thought that I should continue with my work. Open the metal door that was closed vigorously earlier, with a strong guy. A black one caught my eyes. At first, I thought that there was a wall in such a place. I did not understand it because it was so big.

I noticed reflexively looking above. It was a huge black woman wearing a long hair that did not fit in the length and width of the big door frame yet. No sooner had I exclaimed, suddenly the neighborhood became dark and dark. It’s a blackout. In the moment, I got panicked. Before escaping, a large girl in front, the kitchen behind the dead end.

It was a pity, but I could only squat down on the spot, holding my head and trembling. After about a few minutes, perhaps after about an hour, the fluorescent light flashed out. Looking ahead of time, there is no big woman anymore. The door remained open, and I found that it seemed not to be a type that closed automatically. Then the door closed sooner, it will crack again.

Although I went back to the work place while watching the neighborhood, work can not be acquired. I got on a company car and went to a bright downtown area and revealed the night as it was. Because the light inside the car was fully opened, the battery also got up. At a later date my company’s boss was scolded terribly, but it was nothing compared to being in that space. I still continue my pest control work, but I have not experienced a strange experience.