Bloody Shirt

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At that time I was a high school student, there was a good friend in the class named “perma”. Around the end of the summer, a phone call comes from perma, during lunch break, “Can I go to school right now?” It was said. I accepted, I went out of the school so as not to be bald, to the park where perma. I went to the bag with permanent shirts asked permanently for some reason.

When I got to the park and found a permancer sitting on the bench, I crumbled. Perma was drooping and depressed, around the chest was a tremendous amount of blood. When I asked him “Are you OK, are you hurt?” When asked in a half-frenzied, the perma “I’m OK, I am not hurt. Give me a shirt for the time being.”

I began to take off a basket full of shirts. Perma which turned pale a little washed the pants with somewhat bloody at a drinking place, changed to a shirt brought by me and finished off, I took out tobacco and started talking slowly with a fire on. That day, he was walking towards the school as usual. It is totally late in time, it seems that it was reopened and was walking in Gudaguda.

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As we approached the railroad crossing, the horn sounded exactly where the train came. Perma was waiting in front of railroad crossing bar on the left side of the road, but at that time it seems that we heard a bizarre in the back. When turning around, a person who seemed to be a woman was running with tremendous momentum.

Perma ceased talking about it once and pushed cigarettes into a portable ashtray. “Please wait a little.” I said so and soaked the bloody shirt in the water. Classes were already in progress but we did not seem to get to go to school. Blood almost did not fall, but the perma dried the washed shirt on the bench and took out the cigarette.

“Do you want to keep talking?” At that time Perma had a look that looked like he gave up something. “He is so strange.” Perma said that she slanted his head diagonally and ran both hands in unlikely directions and laughing with a laugh.

“Rolled out.”

I was screaming with laughter with meaningless words and so on. Eventually the train began to pass in front of us, but as usual the woman will run in the middle of the road with tremendous momentum. If she thinks that she is lined with perma, she seems to jump over the bar with an incredible leap in its momentum and stab the side of the train.

The woman was blown off the direction of the train’s travel and was cramping at the side of the railroad track. One ankle touches a thousand, long hair covers his face and blows out a bright red thing from the mouth. In the meantime he did not make a tremor, but he seems to reflexively wipe his face after seeing the woman blown away.

There was a tremendous amount of blood on the wiped palm. I spit in there unexpectedly, ran into a nearby park and was taking a break for a long time. I finished talking about that. After listening to that, when I try to go to see the scene, the perma. “Stop it. No, stop it, please do not ask, stop it.” I gave up because I said it trembling.

I was interested in the scene, but permanent blood shirt was already enough. Perma seemed to be shocked indeed, I was trembling all the time, so I thought it was dangerous, and on that day I went home by myself. At a later date the incident became a topic in the school and Perma and I caught up with questions, Perma was absent from school for a while.

After that Perma changed the school route to a great roundabout and I started to see the side of the railroad crossing the railroad crossing where the incident occurred. This is the end of the story. After that, the relationship with Perma is also continued, but we will never tell you the details of the incident that told us in detail soon after the incident. So the memory is slightly ambiguous, but I wrote it completely unforgettable.