Book That Should Have Been Borrowed

When it was hot and unable to sleep, if I was idly, I remembered a mysterious experience. I think that it was a small summer vacation. It was a hot day like a f*cking morning. Even though I was at home, it was just hot, so I decided to go to the library with my mum with my car. I usually borrowed it at the library, so I did not borrow it, but on that day I borrowed a book with abundant illustrations called “Japanese Hell Painting”.

There were many grotesque paintings that were only referring to the books of hell, but it was an exciting book for small 3 boys, as women’s kimonos are barefooted and tied up. It is an age that comes to mind hell, but s*xual things or even this. I borrowed this because of a sense of mission that I had to go home and read by myself.

I remember being throbbing while watching an illustration in a car. I arrived home and I am enthusiastic to read a book, but I can not find a book of the essence. Even if I ask my mother, I do not know. I searched until I peeled off the carpet in the car, but finally I could not find it. I trace memory while confusing, but it is certain that I saw an illustration in a car, so I never forgot it in the library.

After seeing the chilla, I did not remember where I put it, but the window was closed and I did not take a detour, so it should not be dropped anywhere. After all, no book was found even when it was returned. Although I am not convinced, I went to the library with my mother to apologize for it.

Before going to the reception desk, when looking at the shelf of the occult corner, there was “Japanese Hell Picture Roll” that should have been lost. Both my mother and my mother stood standing in front of a bookshelf looking like a fish. I did not understand why it was here. While talking confusingly to the sister of the reception and asking the circumstances to confirm the rental record.

There was a record borrowed by me for sure, but there was no record returned. My sister had a hard-headed face saying she did not know why she was returned to the bookshelf. That exciting illustrations were incomprehensible, but it was kind of spooky and I did not feel like borrowing again.