Car Passenger

Shereen recently broke up with her stupid boyfriend, who was caught with another woman, and was depressed and sad about the recent the breakup. Despite many rejections about cheering her, he finally managed to persuade her to go out for a dinner and drinks. He was driving with her and the roads were dark and slick from the rain from the previous evening. As he was driving, a red car drove really fast pass his car.

Startled he muttered, “*Whoa! Where the hell is he going?” He looked back at Shereen, who looked absolutely terrified looking at the other car, like she was going to cry. Well she did cry, she cried bawling and screaming like she was mad and shouting hysterically that she wanted to go home.

He tried to desperately to calm her down and explain what was wrong but all she wanted was to go home. Rather dealing with a hysterical girl he reluctantly agreed to go back and drive her home. When he got back to her place at Puncak Alam, she just got out from his car and without even a single word, she ran into her house.

After he left her house, after a few hours later, he rang her house only to been told by her sister that Shereen has locked herself in her room. He decided to let her rest and that he will catch up with her in the morning. He met up with her the next morning and she sounded alright, well at least she did not shout and scream at anyone. He did asked what really happen to make her so scared.

She looked a bit pale but she whispered that she saw the red car that overtook us, there is a passenger in the back seat. I got impatient and he desperately urged her to carry on. She looked at me with frightened eyes and she whispered, “Its’ so freaky, the thing at the back, had two horns, red eerie eyes and did not have any mouth and nose and he was green in colour.” He really freaked out when I heard her description, and when she added, “the driver did not know”.