Cemetery on a School Street

There was a big graveyard on the side of the junior high school course road. The cemetery used few roads so I liked it because I could relax at ease. Whenever I passed through this graveyard like always, I found the carcass of an animal but after several days it ceased to exist, and again the carcasses of different animals were found repeatedly.

There was a big graveyard at a distance from the school road. It is a quite famous cemetery even in Tokyo. Even if I passed through the graveyard without going through the right school road, I could return. When I got home I was back from there. It is because the cemetery is more green and more comfortable than the boulevard of the school road because there are few greenery.

Nevertheless, since the street is firmly installed even in the cemetery and on the way back from the winter, it is not too dark and not too scary. The beginning of what I was trying to write was the spring of a junior high school first grade. To tell the truth, it was the opportunity that I was afraid of a group of seniors who were freshly enrolled and were afraid to go through the cemetery and return.

When walking in the cemetery sparrows were dead under a certain fence. I was surprised when I found it. It was my first time to see the sparrow dead, so I was observing for a while. I was still dead and my body was beautiful. The next day also passed by the fence the dead sparrows were left in the same place.

It was certainly a shadow under the fence and it was difficult to find. “I can not find it even in a stray cat.” And I thought mysteriously. But I remember I was a little happy because sparrow bodies are rare. There was also the next day after that. The color of the eyeball gradually turned white and began to dent. I saw the white spell like thread like a spider covering the sparrow’s body going back and forth from junior high school every day.

But one day, when the body of the sparrow got pretty damn. It suddenly disappeared. I wanted to see it until I got back to the soil, so I remember being so sorry. Then I think that it is about a week, but in the same place under the same fence. This time the mouse was dead. Of course, when the rat is dead. I was surprised because it was my first time, but at that time I was a little happy.

As I did in sparrows, I went to school and went home, watching every day. Even when the mouse was dented and white was beginning to be covered by something. It was suddenly gone. Since I suddenly disappeared, I was thinking “I am regrettable.” But a while ago, the pigeons were dying at the same place this time. It was a pretty big pigeon, so I look forward to the pigeon’s decay going.

After all, the pigeon disappeared along the way. I really remembered it. By the time it was already hot before summer vacation. The body of the crow was smelly when it passed by that fence. So I thought “Was the cleaner in the cemetery tidied up?” Summer vacation ended, it was day of opening ceremony.

In the morning, when I passed through the cemetery a lot of smells came from under the same fence. It was a kitten this time. However, it has already been decayed considerably, with no eyeballs, the body has been overwhelmed a lot. I tried to make it difficult to find the branches and dead leaves of dead trees under the fence so as not to lose it this time.

It was there about a week. After all the kitchen’s body has gone. I was really sorry. After that, I continued with crows → cats, but I got lost in a nice place as well. When I became a junior high school second grader, at that time it was after my cat had gone. As usual I tried passing through a fence near the hedge.

How surprised the old man like a homeless crowded in front of a fence. The moment I saw it, I realized everything. Place the corpses of animals in the same place. It would be this unclever to take it over time. I stopped in front of a fence for a while and I was watching the uncle. Because there was annoyance that I could not get acquainted rather than seeing. I think that I was staring.

Then the uncle saw this. It is a strange face. I had a face that I do not know whether I am pleased or crying. As I saw that face somehow it became funny. I went home while laughing as “*haha.” After that the corpses of birds and small animals continued. I think that it was a crow and rat. And before the summer vacation of the junior high school second grader, that uncle was crouching in front of the fence.

Since I have not met since spring, I thought it was a long time ago. Beyond that the corpse disappeared as the corpse disappeared in a good place all the time. With a desire to say something, I want you to not bring a dead body. “Stop it!” I shouted. Then the old man turned around. I was crying. Although I was crying, it turned into a smiley face with a bad taste and said. “It’s a terrible child, you are.”

You are terrible, are not you! Because I thought that it was somewhat funny coming home laughing and went home. When I entered the summer vacation, my grandmother who lived in the suburbs died. It was old age. It was somehow damaged body. I thought I wondered if I was a little smaller than when I was alive. After all it was a shame that I could not keep watching.

I think that it does not have to burn. After the summer vacation, school has started, I have already stopped passing through the graveyard. Somehow I was angry. There was an itchy thing that could not be seen until the end. However, my father died in November of that year. I was surprised. Moreover, it was an accident, so I did not get caught.

I can not keep watching after all. I am sad and I can not remember much of those days. But my heart will hurt when I think about how my father’s decaying and going, but I feel relieved. About 20 years passed since then, during this time I went to the place where there was a fence in the cemetery. Now the place is also paved and beautiful.

And I tried squat at the place where the old man was crouching. Finally I knew what was crouching. It became funny again. I went home while laughing as “*haha.” That uncle was also the same as mine. Although it is over, I am not afraid of anything that I wrote something. I was sorry.