Chain of Curses Part 2

Read the previous story chain of curses. I did not talk about that with him for that day any more. Then, according to one word the eldest son said, three people have come to keep in touch with each other more than ever. One year and nine months after my father died, I suddenly could not contact my eldest son.

The second son came from me. Even if I called home, I did not even get a bride. The second son seemed suspicious and said he called the company that the eldest son works for. The words returned from the company were surprising. I was told that I quit suddenly about a month ago. They soon headed home for the first son.

No matter how many times the doorbell sounded, no one came out. Did you think that you were suspicious? The next resident came out and listened to the story. Then the neighbor was laughing, “I told that three people would go on a trip.” So told me. It seems that they were not convinced by the two people. Why are you going out without telling us anything? Even though I kept in touch closely with that one.

Soon two people headed to their parents house as a place to go. I reached the house where the Lord was gone, but there were no three people there as well. Two days after that, the police contacted the two of us. It was news that the family of the eldest family was killed in accident. The cause of the accident was mysterious as I wrote above. Even after the funeral, the two were silent.

After a while the two were forced to organize the house of the eldest son. When cleaning up the house, Sōji found a memo pad that the first son had left behind. It seems that there were strange things written there. “What did I do.” It seems that the words were spelled on pages. On the last page, “Me and Ryuichiro and then Muneji This is three people. Please stop it.” The names of the second son and Sonji were written.

That was the last note. I handed it to my second son, and Sōji was silent. The second son who saw it said, “My older brother may have been too nervous.” After saying that, my second son was silent. It is said that Sōji was frightened at the bottom of his heart. It seems that the second son who makes a fool of herself is forcibly hurried, and a number of places and experts of his hands have been turned around.

If you write it in detail, it will be really amazing. That’s why I do have pretty much so I want you to forgive me. Two years have passed since my eldest son died, the second son died from the accident. And I heard the story. Even if it is said to be a curse, I just did not come out with a pin. After listening to that story, I spoke to Muneji.

“No, Masayuki. If there is a curse, I will definitely be hurt. You know too. The process I’ve been doing to various women so far. There are story which you do not know. That’s exactly when it’s stabbed at night. Even if it is not stabbed, I think it is certain that you are being grudged. If there is a curse in reality, I should already be dead.”

But no matter how I talk, it is a fact that there are incomprehensible things around Muneji next. Even though I myself did explain this or that, I could not convince him, and the story only followed a parallel line. After talking to me, Mr. Sousui disposed of the car he had immediately. “I do not want accidents by car.” Mr. Souji was saying that with a bitter smile.

Then for a while, there was nothing wrong. Meanwhile, I and Mr. Sogyo were meeting for a while. I met and went to drink and drink. When I became obsessed that I had not met for a while, I received a message from Munejiro. “Because I am free because I am in the hospital, come visit me. There is also a story.”

When I heard that, I immediately headed for the hospital. When I entered the hospital room and looked at the figure of Munezaki, it was amazingly shocking. Muneaki who was as daunting as another person was there was there. I did not want to realize what was upsetting. Laughing and saying, “It’s a big chef in a private room.” Then, Mr. Sogyo said, “I still have a good deal of money.” It answered while laughing.

I do not know well because I am completely ignorant about sickness, but I explained that it is a fast-spreading cancer. My remaining life is three months. It was too sudden. Soryu kept talking. “It’s a curse.” That’s it. I immediately took it as “there is no reason”. I will also reply Muneji. “Well, by chance we all die in such a short period of time!” I think that the eyes of Muneji were filled with anger. Mr. Souji who calmed down while speaking said, “You have dependence.”

“I will do whatever I can do.” I said so. I regret that it should not have said that if it comes to now. Megumi’s next request was about her.  Since I was a student, Mr. Sogyo was dating a woman named Fumiyo. Because it is Mr. Sueji’s girlfriend, I was a relationship I knew well. He’s a really nice girl. It was her suits to Muneji.

“It’s about Fumiyo, you, please hurt him.” The moment I was told it, I was taken amused. As Munezaki says, she told her that she was sick, she said “I am getting married right away.” It seems that curses did not seem to get overwhelmed. I told you that it is not a woman with ears to hear. Even though I was taken astray, I reposted. “I also have likes, I am not interested in a woman with self-assertion.” Nonetheless, Mr. Sogyo said, “There is no one who can ask such a thing apart from you.”

“Well, I guess you can ask such a stupid thing, but that is impossible, I think that it is impossible to break up, even if I’m the character as I am.” I said that and talked about it. “What would you like to do if Wenjin married me?” Mr. Souda asked me so. “Although it may be painful, it would be useless because it is what the principal wishes.” I had no choice but to answer.

“If married and the curse hits the literary era as it is, I can not die even if I die The next word was imminent. There is no reason to be convinced.” Still if I believe that Muneaki is cursed, I thought to talk to the writers. I myself deny the curse. Still, I’m scared of being honest if I continue this much. If something happens to the writers due to what I did not part with. I thought so, I felt dying.

As soon as I got in touch with the writers. I forced time to make time to make plans to meet. The face of the era in the era that we meet after a long absence, I was tired from seeing it. There were no smiles with each other. “It is Munezo’s next thing.” That’s right. As Wenjin interrupted my story, “I do not feel like breaking up.” To that word, I lost sight of the next word. Even so, somehow,

“Suddenly it is it?” I said that and saw the face of the writings. The eyes of the sentence were bright. In the context of writing, I guess mostly imagined what I came to talk about. I wonder why he was asked to speak for Mr. Soji. For a while the two were silent. “I can not do it any longer.” Suddenly the writing era came out.

“That’s it, it’s been a long time, so it can not be helped.” I got it back. “It’s not like that.” The era continued. “I got a child, that person’s alter ego is in it.” As I said so, the writing went hungry. I heard the words, the inside of my head turned white. In addition, “If you tell him that a child has been made, perhaps the disease may heal again.” If it shed tears, Mr. Watanabe said.

When I heard the words, I think I returned to myself. “Never teach him now.” The sentence has expired in that word. I also forgot to say that it is in the shop, and argued with themselves. I was noticed by the store clerk soon. Still, the argument never ceased, and after all the story remained the parallel line, the store was driven out. While walking out of the store, I was thinking of ways to persuade the writers. I walked and asked Fumiyo.

“How long have you been associating for years?”
“I have been dating this for so long, so why are you pregnant now?”
“You used contraception, did not you?”

It was what I myself wondered. Furthermore, I thought that it was hard to hear, but I continued. “What I understood was able to do before he was hospitalized.” It really is a terrible way of listening. The sentence answered. “I used to contrace properly until now.” The era continued. As I listened to the stories, I learned cold. It seems he had a strange dream about four months ago. The dream lasted three days. The dream I first saw was a man who had never met, and he continued saying “Sorry, sorry” again and again.