Chain of Curses

Do you believe curses? I am not a man who really takes care of psychic phenomena or something. So, I do not believe in cursing from the edge. If a curse exists, I will not be in this world anymore. I hate to write on my own, but I’ve hurt a tremendous number of people so far. I have never done things like killing people, but I have ruined the lives of many women.

Because this is me, if a curse exists, I should not be alive. Even such a silly me, I had a friend I trusted from the bottom of my heart. The story to write from now is his story. About a year and a half from now, I was invited by my friends. I was busy with each other at that time, I think it was the first time in about three months to meet.

When I headed to the place called, I had my friend’s son earlier than I was. “You are early,” I said so and spoke to Muneji. While laughing, Muneaki says, “Sometimes it comes soon.” When I finished saying so, the smile disappeared from the face of Mr. Sonjong. I usually go drinking and talking, but somehow somehow it was not that kind of atmosphere that day.

After the smile disappeared, the sect of Muneji’s next face tells it. “Because there is something I want you to ask by all means, will you come to my house?” I can not feel margin at all in the face of Munetsuki. “Did something happen?” To my question, Mr. Souji “I will talk at home.” As soon as I finished speaking, I quickly left the spot.

When I arrived at my house in Munetsuji, Sōji started talking. “My brother died while at work.” I heard that, “Was Eh brother who died two years ago?” I asked myself unexpectedly. “The one who died two years ago is the eldest son, the one who died this time is the second son.” Words did not come out unintentionally.

It seems to be accidental death while working. It was a major tire factory that the second son of Munejiro served. He seems to have done work mainly on maintenance of machine tools at the factory. After servicing for maintenance after the work, a large machine tool suddenly operated, the head was caught in the machine and the second son of Muneji died. He seems to have been killed instantly.

Telling me that, I could not say anything to Muneji. “It was strange when the older brother died in the accident two years ago,” It was about the accident of the first son. The eldest son of Munejiro was a family member and had a head-on collision with a heavy-duty truck during the move. “It was also an instant death at that time, both of us.” Muneji’s face seemed angry at something.

The accident happened on a two-lane road on one side. In on-site verification, it was said that the reason was due to the fact that Mr. Bun brother went into the opposite lane and ran. It seems that the truck driver’s story was about as good as it was going out. The strange thing called Munezuki said suddenly changed the lane and so it seems that the cat was entering between the brake pedal and the floor.

Naturally the cat did not live. “It might have been a braking on the brink of collision, but it may have been ineffective because there was a cat in between. I could not have avoided it even if it works, but. I did not have a cat or anything. I heard that, “I might have picked up on the way.” So Mune So next, “I definitely do not like that, I do not like cats.”

For a while Muneji was silent. I thought that I will distract himself with a little, I went shopping and raised beer etc. I returned beer from shopping and then sent beer and I heard the continuation of the story. “I got turned into a forefather alright.” Muneya says so. The mother of Son Bong passed away in kindergarten and his father died four years ago.

It was Mr. Sōji the other family left. My facial expression looked very lonesome. That expression suddenly changed, and Mr. Sōji asked me. “Well, do you believe in curses?” I was taken aback in spite of myself. “Why do you do it on TV, occasionally to stuff like trees like wood?” I answered with the expression that I can not do it.

Movement started talking without moving to such an answer. “Two older brothers and fathers may have died of a curse.” The story began from there. Mr. Souji let me talk about his early childhood. It is an ordinary rural town, it seems that it was not a place where a mysterious case to talk about from now will take place.

There seems to be a house in the vicinity of Muneji’s parents house that I do not want to oppose to my child’s heart. It seems that it was simply because the aunt of the house was terribly scared. When I was playing baseball, it happened that the ball happened to get into the garden of the house, and when I tried to take a ball by saying a greeting, I was shouted with a sickle at that aunt.

With such a thing, that house was only a subject of fear for children. In the second grade of elementary school, when I got up to the rest room when I could not put up with it in the middle of the night, when I heard Zaku, Zaku and a noise, when I peeped through a small window in the toilet, there was a sickle in a big tree in the garden There was an appearance of an old lady who stood up to face many times.

Anyhow, the scene was so scary that she could not sleep that evening. On the next day, on the way to school, when I saw the tree, I heard that countless scratches and big nails were stuck indeed. When I was a child, I was simply just afraid, but I think there is quite a lot of sympathy for that lady right now. The owner’s master was awfully drunk and was drenched with drinking like every night.

I guess that was pretty much spiritually back then. Soryu kept talking with saying so. Several months passed, the first incident occurred. On the way back to school, Soryu and three children discovered that a person was falling under the big tree in that house. It seems that 4 people thought that they were sleeping at first.

Still, I was worried and the other child called my parents and confirmed that the ambulance was called soon. It is said that the collapse was the master of the house. There was no breath, the cause of death was a heart attack. By the news of a neighbor, an aunt who was going to farm work was called, and immediately went to the hospital.

It seems that Sōzō who was a child was trembling. It seems that the fear of seeing the corpse overlaps with the strange behavior of that evening’s aunt, which was unnecessarily scary. Then the lady was brightening as the person changed. It is not comparable with before. However, her old smile did not last long. There were two sons in the house, but neither of them was in that house.

The second son was also serious in personality and had a house with marriage, but his eldest son was drunk like his father, and he could not get a regular job. The eldest son came home, in the name of his father dying and seeing his mother. It seems to me that it has become more painful days for my aunt. Drinking alcohol from daytime wielded violence against the mother, never healed no matter how many times it was noted from the neighborhood.

To the violence against her mother, the second son seems to have repeatedly protested. A few days passed, Sōji was having a meal with his family. Then I hit the door fiercely and there is a voice calling my father. The Lord of the voice was a sister living next door. “People are falling under the other tree.” Saying that, her older sister was trembling. Immediately the father headed for confirmation.

After confirming and returning, I called an ambulance and left the family not to leave the house one step further, and went out again. An ambulance came awhile, and the noise became bigger. If I confirm it through the window, I heard that he was coming to the police car this time. The trouble lasted all night. The next morning, I learned that a murder case happened.

What was killed was the eldest son of that house. It was a murder with the head hit with a hoe. It seems that the place I barely dropped down was the back of the house, but it seems that I came down to the bottom of that big tree that touched the human eyes, by bending the last force and breathing there. The lady was taken to the police because he testified that he was doing at home, so the next son came in the daytime the next day, and the lady was brought home.

It seems that the press was widely reported in the local newspaper. The judgment of the second son did not become too heavy. It seems that motivation was to help mothers, testimonies of the surroundings, possibly a petition, may have appeared, and the sentence is lighter than expected. On that day the second son’s punishment was finalized, the lady hung his neck with the tree of his house and committed suicide.

Because Sōji was at school, what seemed to have happened did not know until the incident. In that house, three people have died in about two years. After that incident happened, it seems that no one in the house should have been there, he stopped passing in front of the house and chose to go around and go home. Even though I can see it from the entrance of my house.

About 5 years passed since the incident, the second son of that house came back after the sentence. I apologized and apologized for my house in the neighborhood, and while I thanked myself. I also visited the house of Muneji. My father responded and said, “I was painful, I’m trying hard from now.” Neighbors who knew the character of the second son from the origin were kind.

My second son also worked hard and tried to regain my previous life. My second son’s wife was also serious and kept defending the house while waiting for the day when my husband came home without being separated after the master was arrested. Two years later, these two people have children. All the neighbors were pleased. Until I was born.

It was a boy who was born. But the child had a disability in the heart. Then the second son worked more than ever for that child’s surgery. To help children. It still did not make it. The boy is half a year old and has left this world. Two months after that, his wife committed suicide of burning. To follow, the second son committed suicide hanging at that tree.

A heavy air flowed in the neighborhood, soon a bad rumor began to flow. Whether things that are not good will happen if there is that tree. You had better cut down trees. Everyone has begun to blame the trees. Still, nobody tried to cut the tree. After a while two men came at the far end of the aunt who had committed suicide, “They will dispose of this tree” they asked.

Just to be sure, they got rid of them, then they cut down with chainsaw. As it was a pretty big tree, it took time to make it finer after defeating, and that the root part was to be done at a later date. A few days later, the roots never got excavated. One of the people who cut down trees got drunk and fell from the head to a side groove of about 3 meters, and died of contusion in the brain. The other person said he heard that the tractor overturned during farming work in the rumor, it became underlay and died.

Even when Muneji graduated from high school and left town, the root still remained. It was at the same vocational school that I and Muneji met each other. It is a relationship with Muneji since then. Souji was different from myself, his head was well natured. Because he was such a thing, I was never in trouble getting a job. Unlike me, Sousuji soon got a job. Even after Mr. Sousuji got a job, our relationship lasted.

Even now I remember that I had preached on a woman every time I saw him. I wonder if it has been around 3 years since I got employed. It was too sudden. The father of Son Bong passed away with a heart attack. As Munezaki says, he did not suffer from sickness or anything, so he seems to have received tremendous shocks. When Muneji returned home in a hurry, it is said that two older brothers have already returned and were being prepared for the night.

Several days later, the funeral ceremony ended, and it seems that three people drank in their parents’ house for the first time in a long time. At that time the first son spoke to the two brothers. “Have you both seen the tree of that house?” So being told, Muneji, looking back to the next son “What about?” I asked the eldest son.

“It’s about the trees that just remained.” It seems that they said that they remembered that tree. The eldest son continued. “It’s already vacant and it’s my father who dig found the root of that tree.” Listening to it, a memorable memory that sleeps in Sōji is reviving. My second son suddenly took my eldest son by strengthening my anger.

“Do not be afraid, then I wonder if my father died by that tree and died, just be digging back by just digging, that is ridiculous like that.” For a while people were silent. Soudō talked about what he thought. “Why did my father dig up the root of the tree, Brother asked something?” To that question, the two brothers just shook their heads. While swinging his eldest son,

“I do not know the reason for digging back, but my father suddenly died after digging back, I just can not think of it by chance.” My second son said, “Will you stop my brother?” I tried to shut up the story, but the eldest son continued talking. “Yesterday, my dad came out in my dreams, as I look at you, I say sorry sorry.” The second son who heard it said, “Why are you going out to only my brother and not going to us?” While looking at Muneji, he spoke so.

It seems that both of them surprised the words from the first son to that question. “The next one is not me, so my father came to apologize to me, did not he?” They listened to it and kept silent. Next story chain of curses part 2.