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Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m from Canada. I have a very interesting story to tell you that I believe to be true. This story took place a few months, July of 1997 ago when I was back to Chinese, Hong Kong. When I was in Hong Kong, I lived with a relative of mine in a apartment complex. We would visit some of the sites in Hong Kong and spend lots of money. We decided to go to one of the tourist sites that contained a cemetery.

We arrived and to our surprise there were lots of people there that day. I walked around, looking at tombstones and wondered about the designs. Some tombstones where designed for specific reasons, the chinese are deeply superstitious about these things. while I was walking by myself, I heard what I thought was my mom calling me. I went to her and asked if she had called me, her answer puzzled me. If she hadn’t called me, who did?

That night I was determined crash and sleep. As I was laying in bed about shut off my lights, I heard my name being called again. I got up and went outside, thinking it was my mother again. I walked pass my parents room and peaked in, they were sound asleep. I thought nothing more of it and went to bed.

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I spent a good 2 hours awake thinking about the voice I heard. When all of a sudden, I heard it again. This time I was really scared, and I didn’t answer the voice. It kept calling me and calling me until it just stopped. The next morning I told my parents and relatives what happened to me the previous night, my uncle looked at my shockingly and said “Kwai Mau”. My mother use to tell me, “when you hear someone calling your name, don’t answer back until you know who’s calling you, or you will meet up with Kwai Mau”.

Kwai Mau is a legend about a black cat that comes during your sleep, and inflict wounds on you. Sometimes, it will actually come and take you away. It is said to be evil and will call out to it’s victims, waiting for their response. When it’s victim responds, the cat takes that as an invitation. Anyway, I think it’s best that I explain the origins of Kwai Mau.

“Kwai Mau use to be a living person that was cursed by evil and was doomed to roam the earth for eternity as a black cat, the only way it can find rest, is to feed on humans. It can only do so, if it was invited when it calls out it’s victims”. The person who was cursed or the evil presence was not identified in the story, needless to say, we all assumed it was only a story from the chinese ghost story about Kwai Mau.