It was a town in Kyoto that I lived in the 3 to 4 years old, but the back of the apartment (government building?) Was a mountain. I was often exploring Bokuyama with my neighbors, but as I was told by my parents I did not enter much far. One day, it was a secret to parents, three friends and I entered the back of the mountain.

I was walking properly about perhaps for about 30 minutes, there was a waste shop. We got tension up, entered the abandoned house and were exploring. A few books of Eko had fallen into the room which seemed to be the living room of the abandoned house, friends who were fried Everyone delighted and read it.

I was not interested so far, so I searched for another room after seeing from my back what my friend was reading properly. I entered the next room, but I think that there was not furniture in particular. There was just a closet. I kind of opened the sliding door of the closet.

Then, in the upper section of the closet, a small lady? I was sitting backwards, feeling a bit off the sitting seat. Too unexpected, than fear or doubt, I will get angry at that time! It was a panic. But my aunt was turning his back on this even 2-3 seconds, so my aunt had not noticed yet and I thought that if I close the sliding door silently as it is, I quietly tried to close the sliding door.

So at the moment I put my hand on the sliding door my aunt turned around suddenly. I still remember it clearly, but my father’s face was caught. There was no eyeball, the part of the eye was dark and the black hole was opening. I opened the mouth, but I also had no teeth. And blood was flowing from everywhere on the face.

I cried and jumped out of my house at a stroke. Put your friends. I do not remember well on my way home, but somehow I came back home. I was always crying while I was running. When I came in front of my house I calmed down somewhat, but I was at a loss as to whether I should talk to my parents. Because I thought that I could get angry when I talked.

“Go to the back of the mountain arbitrarily!” I decided to keep silent after all. I completely forgot about my friend. So, when I came home, I began Famicom to wipe out scary things. I guess it was DQ 3. There is a sliding door in the room with FC of my house. On the way I was doing DQ, when I felt like I heard the sound from the sliding doors, looking back, the sliding door opened a little, and the lady with the face just before was watching from inside.

I screamed again and cried by my mother in the kitchen. “I have an aunt in the closet!” I told you. After my mother soothed me, I went to check the closet of Famicom room. I was just afraid and hardened in the kitchen. Immediately the mother told me “I do not have anything”, so I went to see them afraid.

My parents asked me, “Where is my aunt,” with the fusuma open, but my aunt was still in the sliding door and I was looking at me though it was not an eyeball. She seemed to have not seen her. I heard that it fainted there. Since then the closet (room with) has become useless.

I was in trouble when I was in the closet of the inn. I do not know if I still have an aunt in the closet but I am afraid and can not be confirmed. Hey, I do not want to. I saw the lady three times so far, but I feel I’m getting out of the closet little by little every time I see it.