Cold Spot

My brother used to rent a Condominium in Petaling Jaya. It was in the 19th floor and he lived by himself at that time. I have been to there myself many times and his main complaint was that his place was spooky, a feeling of unease. For example, in his bedroom there was a particular place which was always cold. The spot was unnaturally cold and on only a certain spot.

The strange thing is the window with the sunlight was exactly on that cold spot. I used to joke with him that the “cold spot” represents a ghost or spirit. Otherwise than the cold spot and the feeling of unease, he got use to the place as he was busy with his work. One Sunday which is his off day he decided to clean the condominium and especially the guest room.

He had a spare guest room which had a double-decker bed and are probably for his nephews when they come to visit. He then decided to clean the ledge from the front window of his guest room. From the opened window to outside the ledge, he noticed something odd and strange. At the ledge, which was only 4 inches wide, he was shocked to find a clear and unmistakable hand print in the dust and dirt.

He was more shock that the hand print was only half the size of an adult’s size! He was amazed wondering how a little child’s hand marks can end out there. Note: Toyol, ghostly children used by the owner to steal other people’s money. He however took that as one of life’s mysteries that one cannot fully understand and he accepted that. Tired that he was he was a victim of a burglary, a month of the incident he finally decided to move to another place. Strange but he cannot live with everyday crimes but is alright with the supernatural.