Convenience Store Monitor

My juniors had a late-night eat at a convenience store. The convenience store seems to be pretty busy at midnight. My juniors used to spend time with my seniors who are part-time workers and reading books such as relaxing comics in the back room all the time. One day. As usual, while eating sweets in the back room, the juniors were poking with their seniors. Speaking occasionally I check the monitor.

The monitor was divided into 4 screens, two cash registers, a grocery shelf, and a bookshelf are reflected, but when suddenly looking, a junior found a woman standing at the bookshelf. She is a woman who has long hair with her long waist. “Something strange, I did not chime chime.”

Senpai and his seniors sometimes did not ring, so they did not think deeply and they also started talking. However, it is. No matter how long the woman will show the signs of movement. If I think whether reading a book, I have not got anything. I’m just gazing at the bookshelf. “Hey, is not he going to shoplift it?” My seniors said. It is a woman who has a somewhat strange atmosphere.

As the juniors came up with the idea, I nodded. We decided to pinch between two people and leave the back room. From the cashier side, the junior heads to the bookshelf from the entrance to the back room. When they arrived at the bookshelf, they caressed their heads. There was no one there. Funny. I definitely pinched it.

Then, I heard the sound of shedding water from the toilet. What, were you in the toilet? While thinking that it was a strange person, the two returned immediately to the back room. But when I saw the monitor, they felt frightened for the first time. A woman was staring at the bookshelf in a standing position that has not changed at all. Fast. too fast!

Clearly this one is going to be earlier for going from the toilet back to the back room. Besides, why are you heading to the bookshelf in the same style? Could it be a breakdown of the monitor? I looked at the face and nodded and they headed back to the bookshelf again with a formation of a pinch from the back room. Then, there is no woman again.

Feeling cold sweat bleeding, the next time without saying anything, the two returned to the back room. Mute, but first check the monitor. “Ah, it’s gone now.” As a seniors muttered, the woman’s figure disappeared from the monitor. Something relieved is spreading in the junior’s heart. In an effort to check well, I embarked on a face next to my seniors. At that time!

“Wait, do not move.” Senpai suddenly issued a voice that killed him. What? I thought, but obeyed reflexively. The two of them are settled as they watched the monitor. “Whether it’s okay, do not turn around now.” I said with a voice that my senior pushed too. As a junior who thought that it was, I gazed at the monitor and understood it.

By reflection of the screen, my face and seniors’ face are reflected. But, in the middle. Another thing was looking into the face of a woman. Cried the screams, juniors just rigid. A few minutes to stand still, that woman “…” When I murmured, I was all away. And one more minute. My juniors finally breathed my breath, as I told you to go.

Even if I turn around, I do not have anyone. I kept my heart beating fast and my juniors got away from the monitor. “I guess something is here.” Senpai muttered deeply and asked the juniors for consent.  “I agree.” Turning back to my seniors, my juniors racked again. Were you looking at that gaze, senpai turned to the monitor. There, a woman of the same age. Moreover, this time, I turned to the camera and opened a big mouth and laughed! It is! The other two did not say anything. He says not to say anything and to jump out of the back door.