Crying Boy in the Apartment

Thomas Chong is the oldest son (12 years old) with two younger brothers. They stay with their mother at their rented flat in Perak. They recently lost their father when he was killed in a tragic accident. One night was cleaning the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, he looked out of his kitchen window at the other rows flat and he commented, “I wonder which parents would allow the kids to play ball at such late hour”.

There was a constant “*thok, thok, thok” sound of someone playing ball. His mother who was drying the plates with a cloth, silently look, through the kitchen window and peered the silent flat in 7th floor apartment. Not only the sound of bouncing ball because at about that at 11pm the sound will stop and replace with the crying which last for a few hours. Thomas witnessed his mother, looking at the kitchen window, muttered. “This is our rented apartment, let us share with you”.

Thomas and his brothers got used to the sound of bouncing ball and even the sad crying or wailings during their 2 years there. One day, their mother was talking with the neighboring housewives and she was some news of her previous tenants of her apartment. The story was there were three of them, the young couple and their son, who was only 5 years then.

The boy was sickly and eventually passed away unexpectedly. The young couple who was so heartbroken about the death of their child that they left the apartment soon after that. Thomas’s mother and neighboring housewives were surprised with the sound of bouncing ball and the wailings. They decided to pool their meager savings to hire a Taoist priest.

The Taoist priest said that the young couple left in such a hurry that they give their kid a proper farewell. In other words, the kid was busy looking for his parents! Chanting, prayers and the bells were conducted by the Taoist priest to appease the soul of the little boy. After the ceremony was over, there was no unnatural sounds of haunting. The good part of this is that Thomas and his brothers and their mother eventually moved to a much better place.