Curse of the Possession

When I was a junior high school student, I lost a friend of mine. The outward cause was psychosis, but in reality they were possessed by some of them. For me it is one of the memories I want to forget, but the other day I had the opportunity to talk with an old friend, I remembered a lot of things at that time.

By writing it here, I will spell as it will be a little objective and I think that I can forget the fear. We (Kaito, Shitara, Sudo, Kikuchi, I) were supposed to inherit family business and had left time for the high school examinees side aside. School also thought that we did not skimpy do not get in the way of the examination group, so if you only go out to the morning school after the sports festival, rarely get angry even after you break out There was no.

One day, friends Kaito and Shitara asked stories about the neighborhood residence. The house which was just renovated is that the owner hangs his head and commits suicide and the family becomes discrete, vacant house. We had difficulty securing the hangout after skipping, we thought that drinking, cigarettes could be thoughtfully there, and immediately passed the school from noon on the next day.

It seemed a little frustrating whether I could enter such a place on a very good residence that I do not understand from outside, but Kaito and Shitara go on steadily while stepping through. “Okay”. Whether you had already inspected it, there was a selfish door. I entered something like a study room, so as not to put a face out from the window, I started sipping up skillfully.

But I could not make out loud so I got bored soon and five people started searching for a house. Immediately Sudo noticed “above what” that way, above the wall of the room I am now. On the top of the wall are two small windows that look like school music rooms and gymnasium broadcast rooms. “Is this a room too?”

Looking closely, there was a door on this side of the wall, and the door was closed with a bookshelf from this side. When I took a shoulder, I opened the window on the upper left with a hand. I thought now, I should have had a question at that time that there was a slight stink from that window. Still I could not win the desire to drink sake secretly and forced to enter the room from the window.

There is a smell like the room hanging like a mold. I was beginning as if it was leaking. Although the room was not like a music room, it was hand-crafted on the wall and stuff like soundproofing material was stuck on it, and I understood that the wallpaper was pasted on it. The moisture made the wallpaper clumpy.

Inside of the room felt freshly, there was no furniture, it was simple, but a small desk was placed in the corner and the picture filled with black on it was in the photo frame of the big frame. At the moment when Kaito lifted the picture holder with hands saying “What is this, feeling bad,” one sheet of paper fell from the back of the bill, and the hair bunched out of it flew away.

The paper was a bill. Everyone thought that they were jabba and could not make a voice. When looking at the pale pale yellowtail, saying that Shitara goes out in a hurry, when Shitara climbed the window so as to escape, the whole of that wallpaper came off. The same wishbaskle that came out from the back of the photo was stuck on the whole wall.

“What’s this?” Sudo, which is weak against liquor, seems to be cheeky on the spot.
“Be careful with yourself.”
“If you are vomiting or hurry.”

I pushed the buttocks of Yoshinoburu Shigaraki in Kikuchi with me. I did not understand what was wrong. Somebody is saying “…” in the back. I’m sure you are. It was caught. I was frightened and could not look back. I felt chaotic and jumped into the other room. Kikuchi also came out and tried to pull a dull Sudo out of the room side. Sudo screams, “Itaita. Pull legs!” Beyond the room, Naohito Nishiki’s voice is groaning with a strange sound.

Sudo was struggling with so much momentum, Sudo ‘s foot kicked off the wall this time. “Shitara! Bring me the kan!” I cried Kikuchi backwards. “Take possession of something in Kaito! Please go behind and bring the shrine’s cheeky clothes!” Shitara dashed barefoot from the edge, we pulled Sudo out of the window.

“Feet! Feet!”
“Does it hurt?”
“It does not hurt, but something was bitten.”

As you see, the heel portion of Sudo’s socks is rounded and tooth-shaped as if it were entirely stuffed by something, and it is wet with saliva. As usual I heard the voice of Mr. Kaito, but I was scared and we could not see inside from the window.

“I wonder what he is supposed to do.”
“When you shake it, Naito still lives.”
“I got kicked up when I came out.”

The shrine of the trainer figure entered from the edge side with a pale blue face. “Nothing something! What to do! Stupid people!” Shitara that came in with me was already the face of tears and runny nose. “From the way you go back, get out of here, enter the company office from the back of the shrine, please see Joriee.”

Suddenly caught me and was twisted up behind him. I heard something crisp in the back. “Go away.” As it was pressed down by the don and the back, we ran without knowing the reason. Then, when I went up to the mountain behind and went to the shrine office in the shrine, a middle age lady was waiting waiting in white clothes.

It feels like I got angry, but then I do not remember well with the feeling of relief I ran away. Then, Kaito did not come to school. Although my parents were called from the shrine several times, they did not do anything detailed. However, it was told that I would never go to the back of the mountain.

We also had such a terrible eyes that we could not have gone to mountains, and even in school it was getting smaller. The day the final exam has ended. I was called by a teacher of life guidance. I went to the course room after I was ready to beat the beaten up, I thought it was a big deal all together until now. Then, other than me, Shitara and Kikuchi are sitting. The shinto priest also came. There is no teacher of life guidance.

As I entered, the shrine said. “Ah, that sudo is dead.” I could not believe it. I also learned that Sudo did not come to school yesterday. “I dropped out of school and I saw the state of Naoya here. If it is not a symptom of a hospital, it seems to me that I understand it is dangerous. But at the moment when I peeped in from the back grid, I made a terrible voice, I fell down, when I was rushed it was a white eyes and a breath of insects.”

I thought that Sudo was dead but thought that I could not say such a thing, I was about to answer a bit backward, but the shrine saw us with serious eyes. “Well, it seems that Kaito is no longer there, forget about Sudo from now, it is my eyes can not see it, I know about myself There is a possession at him, Even if it takes years to remember, even if it takes years it will come to him, it will be haunted and died if you come, And do not stretch the hair backwards If you meet me and fled, Pull on.”

When it was heard, we left the course room with a heavy feeling. At that time, the shrine cut my back hair which I was stretching with scissors. I was thinking of something unbelievable, but I could not find myself far away. I went to the barber shop with that foot to go home, and I got it to be a shuffle. The story of graduating and succeeding family business had to give up from that time.

Later, we decided to keep our face on the way in the disparate prefecture and never face up, and if we meet we had to decide to pretend to be someone else. I was able to enter the high school of the neighboring prefecture one year later, I forgot the past and devoted himself to my life. I cut my hair short. However, whenever I asked for “Shobo” at a barber, I remembered the story of the priest.

Three years passed, thinking that I will come today or tomorrow. After that, I was able to enter a university in another prefecture even more ronin. However, I could not go back to the train with a bit of mind. Originally I was a grandpa and my grandfather died in the New Year of that year.

It was a sharp thing, but my parents said that by saying “At least the first basement is coming home.” I could not do that. I dropped to buy a newspaper at the station’s shop, but she was a seller while I was in junior high school. When she saw me, she burst into tears and burst out that each of Shitara and Kikuchi died.

Shimaku seems to be locked in his room in the boarding house shortly after graduation, and the neck was enclosed. In the room the shutters and curtains were shut, sealed the door called the door of the room, and furthermore I stuck my hair one by one from top to bottom. There was a trace that tried to seal her ears and eyelids with a braze, but it was a story that it did self-destruction without doing it until the end.

He seems to have fled to Shikoku in the summer of 17, but he seems to have found a walking while laughing with a piece of pants in a town near Matsuyama. The back of the head of Kikuchi was haired as though the crow was dead. There seems to have been a trace that he tried to cut out with his knife himself not to close the eyelids of Kikuchi absolutely but to close absolutely.

I have never cursed human relations during the junior high school age. It was a bad idea to me now, such as Shitara and the way back of Kikuchi. In other words, I realized that there was only one person who remembered me. When I came home with a sense that my chest was strongly tightened, there was no one at home.

As I learned later, there was a custom that my house was inconspicuous, especially at the house where there was a strong disagreement at the temple of Nara even though it is the head home. I was able to bring him. Three days later, I had a fever of over 39 degrees and I had to sleep at my parents house. At that time I was prepared for death.

I laid a futon in between the Buddha, wearing white clothes as much as possible, sleeping while drinking water. On the evening of the third day, at the dawn, Naito stood in a dream. Kaito became a figure of bone and skin, darkened, it was white eyes.

“You alone?”
“You come over here too.”
“No way.”
“Sudou wants to see you.”
“No way.”

“When you come, Sudo is lynching everyday, I will be kicking up with socks packed in the mouth with an upside-down hanging, poor pity.”
“Lie, hell can not be that sweet.”
“Haha. Hell or hell are you kidding?”

I woke up there. My throat made a loud noise with my own breath. When I looked at the bedside, there was a crack in my grandfather’s tablet. I thought. I am the only one who knows me in this world. If many people talk about me and know many people, the probability that I will find and possess me is less. That was the reason I came to make this story public. If you have possession of you who knew about me, I can live long.