Cursed Sister

A story of the time of the fourth. Manasari’s older sister is a junior high school student, repeatedly going to hospital with difficult sickness which I do not know well in a small quarter that a tumor can be formed in my neck. As I go to my house, my older sister is occasionally there, and I heard about “Hello”.

I remember that my hair was long and my face looked somewhat pale and my little throat was bulging and bulging. Among them, Manisato was bullied in the class, or it became isolated as being specialized. It seems like you will get caught when you make two people. It is a bad rumor that Maniwa-chan seems to be making a bad cob on his neck like a sister in the end.

Manasari’s father and mother seem to have a bad cob on the neck. It feels bad! And. Although I was on good terms with Mrs. Mani, I had met a mother, I knew it was not such a thing, but the state of her sister was certainly a bit scary to me, it was a bad feeling So, in accordance with the surroundings it was a little from Mari-chan.

One day, since you bought a new game from Mari – chan, do you want to come see me? I was invited. It was short time for me to play with Mari-chan, but I hesitated to think about what to do if you could see it with a son or son of a class, yes but because I do not dislike Mani-chan I decided to go. I played a new game with Mani-chan and ate a snack, enjoyed playing.

I want to go to the toilet, “Mari-chan, do not wash it!” Manili’s room is on the second floor, the toilet is in front of the entrance on the first floor. I knew it because I borrowed it several times. When I was about to go back to the room of Mr. Mani, there was an older sister in front of the entrance. “Ah. Hello.” My older sister looks a little pale as usual but, as usual, “Hello”. As soon as I returned to the room, my sister unusually called my name.

“Thank you for playing with Banri every time, because Banri is an important young sister.”
“Oh, yes.”

I got into such a conversation and went back to the room. When returning, Mr. Mani got a great score in the game, I completely forgotten about the elder sister and got crazy about the game. Playing to the curfew and going home, eating dinner and preparing to go to bed, my home phone rang and my mother came out.

“Oh, good evening, Hiromi seemed to disturb you today.”
She seems to be Mrs. Mani-chan’s mother.
“Yeah. Yeah. Well, no way.”
I heard that something happened with my mother’s voice.
“That’s right. It is my condolences.”

Mischievous? Is it a word to use when someone dies? Because your sister was sick, I wonder if he died. I imagined how convenient it was to see my mother. My mother taught me off the phone.
“Hiromi, listen carefully, well, you know, Mani-ri had passed away.” Huh? Wanari-chan?
“In an accident a while ago. I was taken to a hospital but I could not make it in time.”
“Er, I lied, I played with you today, what’s the accident?”
“Harumi-chan (sister’s) is sick and my mother was accompanied at the hospital one day.”

I will write in addition to the information I heard later. My father got late at work and her mother had to accompany her older sister, she told her that she called Mrs. Manisato and told dinner to go to a convenience store. Manasato was so much fun having played with me today because I am lonely waiting for alone! He told his mother many times.

I had an accident on my way to a convenience store by my bicycle as I told my mother to hang up. I was taken to a hospital where my sister was hospitalized in an ambulance, and I had no breath in an ambulance. Shocked me and my mother too I cried. Manito-chan who played happily until a while. I was dead. And while that night he was unable to sleep what he did.

I was thinking about things I talked about when I played with Mr. Manisato today and things about the snacks I ate together. I noticed. My sister was in the hospital? Sister, I was surely at home. I told you. At that time, I thought that the condition got worse. Somehow I was afraid and chilly, I could not sleep all night and I gave a fever the next morning to relax the school.

Manito’s wake was the evening of the next day. I also got a fever and I attended mother and wake-up. The tears did not stop. Every child and teacher who was saying the backdrop of Mary ‘s in school were crying. Although Mrs. Mani’s mother cried and found me, he came near me. “Hiromi, thank you, I was told that I had a lot of fun on the phone, thank you for giving me a lot of fun memories at the end.” The next day, Mari-ri had become a bone.

About a week or so, there was a phone from Mrs. Mari’s mother. Now my sister took my breath. I attended the funeral of my sister and my sister Mrs. Mari. My mother was also helping Mari-chan’s mother who lost two daughters in succession and helped to accept the funeral and so on, as far as possible. A while later, Mrs. Manisato’s mother called again.

I am going to divorce and dispose of my house in order to return home. Before that I want to say hello to my mother and me. When I went to the house, the entrance and the living room had already gone. I talked with my mother variously. My older sister was hospitalized a few days before Mari-ri encountered the accident, and the doctor told me that it was not long.

“Maybe the sag was a disagreeable person who wanted to leave alone, Did Mori ever pass away?” Said Mrs. Mani’s mother. I was scared. By the way, I met her sister who was supposed to be hospitalized at that house that particular day. “Because it’s an important sister.” Because it is an important younger sister, I wonder if she took her.

Big Mani’s mother told me that she would not have gotten a new game and other software that I played that day because I do not need it anymore. My mother, if you give it, I will be sacrificed, please give it. I was told to be told. I went home and watched the game software. Eight game software entered in a square plastic basket. There was also new game software that played with Mari-chan.

There were two who had never played. I will open it by looking behind what kind of game it is. Then the paper folded into four came out. When I spread it, there was such a thing written down there. Below, original mama. My sister is crazy, my mother is only a sister. I do not have to be a child. I guess I will not have it. My sister does not have any friends at school. Hiromi is my only friend.

My sister’s fault. You must die as soon as you are sick. Let’s die soon! Stupid horn! There was another paper between the paper. Cut the white paper into a human figure, “Harumi” in the face, with a red pen in the body “Sone Shine, Shine.” My mother cried unexpectedly and surprised me and saw it. Tears overflowed in my eyes and said to me, “Mari-san was lonely. Mom is caught up with a sick sister. You did a good thing, you played with the lonely Mani-chan and made friends.”

That letter was hard for Mrs. Manatsu’s mother, so it was decided to keep it secret and to let my mother and I burn this letter and forget it. Then, I left that game software I wanted to watch, and after years passed, I decided to live alone to attend college. When I packed up my room and packed up, that game software appeared.

I thought that there was such a thing and thought about Mani-chan before disposing, began watching the game software. I miss that. When I was watching a lot of things, I saw another software I never played, I never played at that time. I casually picked it up and tried opening it. A white folded paper came out. I felt like a deja vu, I opened the paper.

Below, original mama. Recently Hiromi’s frost has become cold to me. Even though Hiromi only thought that he was my friend. I thought Hiromi had been my friend forever. How can I make friends with Hiromi again? I wonder if I will play again if I buy new game software that I will be coming next time. Even so, Hiromi ‘s fellow, Muuka tsukuro. Do not get along with other children!

He is the same as his mother. I do not have to be there, sad. Some paper cut out into a folded human figure came out. Fearfully open up. “Hiromi” in the face. In the body. “On twenty-year-old birthday, Shin!” I will be 20 years old next month.