Danger Sense of Dusk

This story is based on a true story, but as a urban legend or scary story is a slightly subtle experience story. I was wondering if it should be posted, but I was terribly scared and I also posted it because it was also an impression. That is when I cycled through the countryside of K prefecture in the summer evening.

Even though it was a summer vacation, I could not take him anywhere, and I was walking without a bicycle to kill time for that occasion. My close friends went on a trip, so the only waste of time was NES and bicycles. I went on a bicycle as usual in the evening of the day (as my parents dinner was usually around 7 o’clock).

On that day the color of the sky appeared to be violet or shimmer, I was scared somewhat, but I started walking around the bicycle and on the way home as usual. There is somewhat uncomfortable feeling. I was rowing as if it was due to mind, but in retrospect, in front of the house closest to the place where the Jizou ‘s worshiped place, I was lying silently and in a posture that an older woman hung her neck.

I guess that person is in the house? Although it is rather a neighborhood, since it is a family without association, the sliding door is completely closed, leaving only the entrance lighting, the inside is pitch dark. At that time, I instinctively perceived the danger as (this is a gangster), ran and ran back.

Once, in the middle of the night I will go to see the house close to the place where Jizo is secretly secured for reconfirmation, still. With the same attitude in the evening. Usually it seems likely to be asked for a duty but it is not uncommon way that the police are not going through the job questions quite a while in the countryside of the old days. I guess that was what it was. When I talked to my parents about that at a later date, I got a word of unknown meaning “Because the circumstances of that man’s house is raw, I will never say it again”.