Dead in Room Number 5

For room patients generally have a dead, it is not anything special, but what is strange is that patients who stayed in Room number 5, the condition they started better gradually and according to the conclusions of the president, medical patients do not need hospitalization continued. Because one thing that doctor Scouts received a rebuke from President Medical badly.

When the doctor Scouts have yet to discover the cause of deaths before 2 patients died is just over a week after only 1 patient was in Room 5. When the 3 patients who survived in Room 5 die without reason again is made Doctor Scouts spent many interpreted to family reasons. But his ability to just say when the death of a patient only is dead on Friday at about 11.

A week later, a patient dying continued the bodies of the deceased, no infection, no drug use beyond limited, but who die are killed with no reason the same. This is the room number 5 has claimed the lives of 7 people without reason. Despite illness, their different these patients have kids have old female, male, but something in common only is dead on Friday before 12am without cause in room 5 untouched and under the care of Doctor Scouts alike.

Rumors that there are ghosts in the hospital had leaked and media quickly from the hospital. Curtains in room number 5 was closed because not only have no nurse any volunteer to care in the room, even in patients who stayed in Room 4 next was also nepotism switch to other hospitals also do this to avoid to escape from the care of the doctor or bronze.

Doctor or Bronze almost back to, and because of this issue. A research repeatedly check repeatedly finally doctor Scouts only agree to face the brutality of these he admits he existent knowledge and. Now, he evades not want to recall what happened, but he stopped taking his Welsh guards Friday night to room No. 5 In short, he was scared and he was afraid to die.

Forces that could not see this one confirm that Heller bronze just a man though he was a student medics from college in New York, however, he was a specialist in surgery of heart yet will he not accept duty Friday night, too. Not only him, but also accepting the duty Friday night, even doctors the hospital also refused the same. The weather on Friday evening, adorning nonstop rain.

Hours eighth night, suddenly there are heart disease, one was sent to the hospital emergency. Crossing the rescue of President Hospital and medical Scouts also save the lives of a man it again after the rescued patients were dragged out of the room realized that rooms that suite is left room No. 5. The only then, proud that he save the lives of patients lost an instant. Now, besides the patients who are not its de no one near our room No. 5.

When clocks chitadlmaong 12 people in the hospital to find an excuse to leave out by one doctor Scouts in the face of a ghost force approaching alone. Doctor or Bronze shaking his fear itself can tolerate the dark forces fear that what they need is not a single patient himself. Doctor Scouts hiding under the table wearing wrist watches that cost thousands of dollars.

1 minute has passed in charge why these watches. When the clock reached the point 12am Roosevelt Room 5 from silent to wind lampposts seems people are rejected curtain way to start a voice. Gloomy atmosphere, forcing the doctor Scouts face facts coolest special forces came Kenny lives in Room 5.

To satisfy the obligation to protect patients Heller Scouts have worked hard Stand stepping into the room patients, he shouted, “Patients no errors if I insulted you, the invitation will come to take my life to go down.” Screaming gradually he walked to catch the curtains gradually time he had seen the cleaning person taking plugs oxygen Shell’s patients out for cleaning. He was a cleaner who had just moved to his new turn Friday from 2 pm to 12 nights really Ironically never seen such a foolish cleaning before.