Deadly Waterfall

Most of the Malaysian population is located in rural areas and are mostly involved in the agriculture sectors. People are there are generally poor as compared to the people in the urban areas. As a result the kids from the rural areas do not have the amenities like cybercafé, swimming pools, shopping malls etc compared to urban counterparts. The mid-day sun and the sweltering heat in contrast to the cool water of the waterfall is really a big relief.

This is a tale about Azman and their friends who decided to spend the day at the waterfall during their school holidays. On their holidays, they decided to spend their day at the waterfall. Just dressed in their patch-up shorts they plunged in the watery depths of the waterfall, splashing and swimming into the graying water of the pool.

Suddenly, Nordin was s*cked the swirling water of the pond. His friends dived into the pool trying to rescue him. They could only watch helplessly against the currents of the water. They then rushed to inform their parents and called the Rescue Department. The personnel from the Rescue Department finally came and they conducted a search for Nordin’s body.

They eventually found the lifeless body upstream and the corpse was entangled with weeds. The personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department and the neighbors’ brought the body back to Nordin’s parents house. Nordin’s parents were devastated and there was a lot of weeping and crying for the death of their son who met his ghostly death at Selahkah Waterfall. Jasin was Nordin’s cousin, and since he was much older, he was elected to help the body with the preparation of the body. The body was washed or bathed then wrapped in a white cloth ready for burial.

Jasin noticed the welds of hand marks on the legs of the corpse as if gripped violently by someone. Jasin desperately asked the elderly neighbor about the marks on the body. The elderly neighbor was reluctant to talk about it, however he relented and said that was left by a “water ghost”, people who have died tragically from the waterfall.