Demonic Child

Mavis worked as an Accounts Manager and is my old friend and colleague. She recounted this experience about demonic child to me which happen about three years ago. One Saturday, she went out for shopping at the mall and she stopped by in the open-air café, for a drink. While drinking she decided to go through the receipts from her purchases and waited for her father to finish his shopping.

She was seated facing the open carpark and the cars were parked in the rows closest to the adjoining open-air shops. She noticed the car facing her was park with the back towards her. In the rear glass was a boy about 10 years old in the back seat and he was facing her. She gave the kid a brief smile and went back to her sorting her receipts.

However she realized that something was abnormal with that child. Curious she glance back to relook at the kid who was still staring at her from the car. She grasp in shock that the child had really dark eyes, in fact, the eyes were completely black like the anime cartoon and there was no white part over the iris. The kid was staring at her with unblinking eyes. It was really eerie.

The couple was finally to the vehicle and the elderly man and woman was busy talking to each other before getting into the car. It looks like they were unaware of the kid and they the elderly couple look like from Chinese descent, but the kid was dark like an Indian or Pakistani.

Things were happening so fast and before she could do anything, her father arrived carrying his stuff and sat in one of the seats. Mavis’s father was complaining that he had a tough time finding the café. When she turned to look at the car, the Chinese couple was already driving out, she quickly glance again at the kid, he was still at the back of the car still facing Mavis and fixed glaringly with completely dark eyes and he was smirking, she could white fangs. Unfortunately Mavis did not see the car again.