Do You Believe in a Ghost?

In a relationship that thinks of marrying that woman. Although I was shocked very much I did not know anything at all. I thought about him and took advantage of him. He has no word of apology. The feelings I think of him gradually. It turned into a resentment. Every day, I do not leave those two things from my head.

My mind was full of jealousy and hatred when I noticed it. I did not put it on the face, but I am afraid to be noticed. I quit the company he has. However, the feelings are getting bigger. I began to see his dream everyday. Where he is on the car. Where you are at the game center, and so on. I also saw the company’s dream.

A few colleagues of the company told me that I should speak ill of him. It was a dream that I revealed externally. One day he got a call and. “Do not let it flow.” I could not remember at all either. At this time I forgot about that dream. I also saw her dreaming of two people. I was whispering something with her ear.

He and she started fighting. I was laughing at it. Since I quit the company, the company’s. Being a colleague, I learned that he and she parted. At that time I thought of a dream thing. It was not there. I just wish I was tired. But one day he was told to return Yori from him. I really wanted to kill you. I still remember the dream I saw after about 5 days clearly.

I was sitting in the passenger seat where he drives. He was driving a car with a very tired appearance. I am in a very pleasant mood, driving him. Hand out the side from the side. I turned to the right very much. So awake, I forgot about it soon. After that, I can no longer see his dream. When I was new he was rumored with wind.

He accident in his company car, his legs stuck. I heard that I quit the company. I think that myself at that time was funny. I think that it does not matter, but I want to kill. If you fall in the dreams of those you hate, your heart will. I was able to do it. With the misfortune that happened to him then. It is very strange whether my dreams were in agreement. Am I possessed possession of him? So I can understand the feelings of those who become spirits.