Don’t Get in the Usual Ruins

On rainy day two people and my friend skipped missions and decided to go to a spiritual spot. Although it is said that it is easy for a spirit to come out, it is said that it is a rainy day, I went and I did not enter the spiritual spot I normally put in, got home and brought the spirit of a woman back home. I always went to play with my friends, hoping to have a psychic experiences often in the ruins of love hotels, taking pictures and vandaling.

In the ruins of the love hotel there, it is said that the woman was killed and the woman comes out, the groan is heard. Even so, we kept on going. At that time, I pulled the bushes and entered the slaslers, everyone scared me with me heading fearless at all. One day, when it was raining, I took a friend out and skipped masters and decided to go to the spirit spot of the love hotel ruins.

Although I do not know why, I just felt a terrible mood atmosphere on this day, I stopped masters for the time being and went to the entrance of the ruins, but I told my friend not to go from the entrance and go back to friends. The moment when I came to the entrance, I felt like I was told. “Do not go” from behind, and while I was taking pictures at the entrance I got a terrible headache and could not stay on the spot. Also, in the photograph I took a lot of orbs around me and experienced an unprecedented sight. Up to now we could usually go into the ruins

Only this rainy day was the day I retired without entering the inside for the first time. Well, on rainy days, it is said that spirits are easy to come out, but at the very moment it came at last. I thought. And, on that day, I took a picture and went home soon, but the moment I tried to go to bed even after I got home, there was a huge sound at the entrance door “Ban” and there was a hall in front of you entering the entrance Someone walking around with it, going to my bedroom.

Is it someone’s mischief at the beginning? I thought, but the entrance closes the key so no one can come in. When I slept thinking that I brought a spirit, I experienced my first life wrestling the moment when a big song rang “door” to the door of the bedroom. A woman is standing behind my back as it is, I am seeing cancer. It was found for a while, and I was able to solve the bondage at the moment when I suddenly died.

I felt a terribly scary feeling, I decided to go to bed soon, put on a futon and made a system of sleeping. Then I fainted with too much fear, and I awoke to sleep on that night and was the next evening. There was no damage to my friends. Perhaps he kept on going regularly, since he wasted and vandalized, did the spirit get angry? And now I feel. Since then, I will never go to the spiritual spot anymore, and I have no mind to go.