Dormitory’s Student Hall

Sarmila’s first year at a local University is proving a trying time for her as it was examination time. Her parents lived in Pahang and they were worried that she is eating enough, now that she is Selangor. At the same time, her eldest brother Ravi who works in Selangor, has elected to her take out for dinner, in his motorcycle. Anyway, it was a great relief for Sarmila to be able take a break from her books and studies. Also she looked forward to see her brother and to catch-up with her family going on.

After a meal with her brother, at an Indian restaurant, she got back to a hostel and took a quick shower. Then it was off to the study room at her dormitory, reluctantly to continue with her studies. When Sarmila got to the nearby study room, she found her friend fast asleep with her hands lying across her head at her side. She thought her friend must be so tired and decided to let her be and wake her later.

So she sat on the desk, opposite of sleeping friend, and continued with her studies. After about two hours of studying, about 11 pm, her pen accidentally fell from her hand and she went back to retrieve it. While she was bending over the pen under her chair, she noticed that her friend’s bottom half was missing, actually her legs to her knees were missing! So shocked she let out a muffled scream.

Sarmila with her hands clamped about her mouth and she fell to the floor. Getting up, she quickly looked at the friend’s head and she surprisingly noticed that it was covered with thick black frizzy and unkempt hair. Without warning, “her friend” woke up – but she has no mouth with red eyes staring at her. *Auggh!

She ran as fast as possible from the study room, petrified and screaming for her friend. Went she got to her bedroom, she found her half-awaked and confused in her bed. Sarmila was sick for 2 weeks (miss her examination) but got an Indian priest to bless the hostel. There was no strange incidents at the hostel after that, thank God.